People Share “Oddly Specific Signs” Someone Is A Good Person (20 Posts)

You don’t have to do any grand gestures to be considered a good person. The little things count and add up, and sometimes they make a bigger impact than those grand gestures. For example, when someone notices a plastic, six-pack soda holder on the ground and cuts it up so the birds and turtles don’t get hurt. That kind of stuff. Redditor NellieKane loves those little signs someone’s a good person and asked the community for examples:

“What are some oddly specific signs that someone’s a good person?”

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Here are 20 signs someone is actually good, according to Reddit:


“Not stealing money you find.

A lot of people in my family have found decent amounts of cash that people have misplaced and returned it. I just would feel terrible if I lost up to a paycheck in cash and someone just swiped it.

My cousin, when he was a preteen, lost his wallet in Walmart and it had the money in it to buy him a Nintendo Wii or something when they were brand new.

My uncle had basically told him too bad, so sad. And when they got home, my aunt was so livid with my uncle. She drove back to the store with my cousin and Walmart made an announcement and the wallet and all the cash was returned.” – God_Is_Pizza


“When someone noticed you were going to talk in a group but get cut off then later they say ‘you were about to say something, right?'” – ChrisRod512


“They keep the trash with them until they find a dustbin.” – ramsayroosebolton


“Someone who remembers a tiny detail about your life or something you like and brings it up in convo much later on.” – allanmonroe


“They can admit when they are wrong about something without getting angry or defensive.” – Macrofita


“Even if they don’t quite understand or relate to a topic you brought up, they ask follow up questions. Bonus points if they don’t seem particularly interested in the topic, but they still remain invested in the conversation since you’re excited to talk about it. It always flusters me when I’ve accidentally bored someone or stalled conversation, so the fact that some try to keep it running to avoid awkward silence feels really sweet to me.” – ehricaw


“They say good things about people behind their backs.” – efesl


“Quietly helping you with stuff without prompting/asking for help.” – Cheetodude625


“They pick up nails, screws or sharp objects they come across from the parking lot or road so people don’t get flat tires.” – dubc


“I know my boss is a good person because he’s never said anything mean about a rude client or competitive business. It’s always, ‘those guys do awesome work, that guy is just the best man.'” – holyydiver32