People Are Sharing Signs That A Guy Is Watching Too Much Porn (20 Posts)

Ever sat and wondered if someone you know is a little too into porn? Look no further than the tell-tale signs listed in u/HM333XOXO‘s viral thread in which people shared obvious signs that guys are watching too much porn.


With thousands of replies, we have an absolute goldmine of hilarious, cringey, and downright wild indicators that someone may have a porn addiction.

 1. Wrong size

When they think an average erection is 9 inches


2. Positions

he thinks i’m able to fuck in weird ass contortion positions.


3. Wipers

Windshield wipers on his TV


4. So offensive

When he asks a lesbian couple for a threesome


5. Aging

I realized when all the MILF girls are starting to be younger than me. 😔


6. Pointed…

When half of their submissions to AskReddit involve sex


7. Nobody’s watching

When he fucks at weird angles like he thinks someone is watching


8. Crackly

His socks crackle when he walks


9. ouch

When they never listen to what you like and do things so rough it hurts like hell no matter how many times you say it hurts.


10. No go, dude

you tell them to stop focusing so much on a certain body part because it isn’t an erogenous zone for you, and instead of trying to find out what DOES feel good for you, they respond by mashing that non-sensitive body part even harder, as though your armpit/nipples/thighs/knee/whatever will magically “activate” with enough mindless mashing and squishing :/


11. Usernames

Having a stupid user name that is kind of a reference to porn.


12. Ew

When you’ve told them you’re not a squirter, yet they keep saying “Come on and squirt for me.”  cringe.


13. He wasn’t horny

When he watches it when he isn’t horny.


14. Creepy

He’s always creepily hanging around the laundry room when you pull your clean clothes out of the dryer in hopes you’ll get stuck.


15. There is no more!

He has run out of porn to watch.


16. Spits

When he spits on the gas nozzle before putting it in


17. No difference

When they can’t differentiate between real life and pornography. Having unrealistic expectations of sex or a woman’s body is usually a result of overconsumption of porn (such as being surprised when a labia doesn’t look “perfect” like in a porno or breasts that aren’t perfectly perky and symmetrical).


18. Foreplay PLEASE

He criminally neglects foreplay. Just shows that he thinks women are horny all the time and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Shit takes time, guys. You can’t expect bread without several minutes of kneading.


19. Doll

The way he has sex. He’ll want positions that are the most visual and kind of use your body like a sex doll, as if you don’t really need to participate.


20. Not like that

When they think that women like it everywhere (every part of body). And get surprised when the said women say she dont feel anything or its not her favorite.