People Are Sharing The Toxic Traits They’re Actually Proud Of (20 Posts)

A “toxic trait” are habits or behaviors that actively harm others — and usually, they’re things we want to work on and grow beyond. But not always.

u/KingOfLoser recently asked Reddit, “What’s your toxic trait that you’re proud of?” and we took all the best answers and compiled them in a list for you.

So tell us -what’s YOUR toxic trait you’d like to keep?

1. Stop caring

I can make up my mind that I don’t care about someone anymore and immediately just stop caring. No build up, no debate, no worrying about if I made the right call.



I can disassociate and ignore bad shit. It’s like turning on an IDGAF switch. Not really proud of it, but it’s useful.


3. Raccoon lessons

Live fast eat trash.


4. BS-meter

I get mad when people make things too complicated for no reason, meaning, I have a trigger that goes off when shit doesn’t make sense. It’s helped me a lot in my career since I am in IT and can smell BS from a mile away.


5. Assume the worst

I assume everyone will betray me or burn me somehow, so I have mentally prepared to cut anyone off at a given time and move on. It’s a defense mechanism I wish I didn’t have as I used to be a very open and trusting person, but it just took one too many times of being blindsided by the ones I care about.


6. Homer

I draw homer simpsons head on pretty much everything, it only takes a few seconds for me to draw a homer


7. Clean

I clean when mad. The more mad, the more cleaning.


8. No sleep

I can function with a criminally low amount of sleep. It’s not healthy but it adds hours to me being able to get things done. It’s really helped me career wise over the years.


9. Memorizing

Having grown up in a toxic home where an abusive parent would negate anything you say or do on a whim because “I said (xxxxxy) not (xxxxxy)” and completely deny reality when you come 100% correct, I’ve gotten excellent at memorizing and transcribing conversations in almost a stenographer way.


10. Reckless generosity

Reckless Generosity – like I’m buying beers for random ppl I meet at the club when I’m broke and unemployed. I’m helping random strangers making myself late for important appointments.


11. Love

I wouldn’t say it’s toxic, but it’s scary how much I can love someone and never speak to them again.


12. Pride

My pride. I always think i can do better than what i’ve made, or that i can do great things if i have the time.


13. Obsess

I obsess over things and it leads to a lot of social anxiety and difficulty focussing in most social situations. Its also, however, led to me finding some deeply meaningful skills and hobbies


14. No goodbyes

I’ve never once said goodbye at a function outside of direct family. If you look away from me for a minute at a party there’s a 95% chance I’ve slithered towards the door avoiding everyone to go home. I just dislike parties and hate goodbyes so I’m just not gonna do either if I don’t have to


15. Procrastination

I’m an Olympic gold medalist at procrastination. I thrive under self inflicted time crunches. I can’t perform at a high level without it. I’ve always had good grades. Im successful at what I do. Im proud that my secret hasn’t held me back.


16. No pretending

Being pretty straight forward when I don’t like someone.


17. Pick it all apart

I pick apart and analyze to death every thing, person, idea, sentence, whatever. My brain only does rabbit hole deep dives and this is honestly more safisfying than organized thought for me


18. No conflict

I absolutely hate conflict and will go to extremes to avoid it. This makes me come across as super agreeable or just really chill, but actually I often just agree to do stuff I hate because I hate the conflict of refusing things more.


19. Aloof

I am militantly aloof. I can work with people for years and never make the slightest bit of connection. I just sort of go about my business.


20. Detach

I can detach from people pretty easily