“If Sexual Experiences Were Like Trading Cards, What Would Be Your Rarest Card?”—20 Replies

At some point in your life, you can probably safely assume you’ve had some experiences that no one else, or relatively few people, have had. You bought a car all by yourself as a single person, your wedding day went off without a single hitch, or maybe you graduated college two years early. You know: stuff that makes you a little special.

But what about sexual experiences?

Over on Ask Reddit, u/ej1263 wondered:

“If sexual experiences were like trading cards, what would be your rarest card?”

We gathered some of the best answers for you — enjoy!

1. Cuppa

Having a blowjob while drinking a cup of tea, which was great for a couple of minutes until she realised I was still drinking tea.


2. Oh my

The “Having Sex in an old Opera House with a stranger on Halloween and getting caught by some ghost hunters” card.

It’s foil.


3. Threesome

Threesome with a girl I was casually dating and her roommate, but I suspect the girl I was seeing wanted to have sex with her roommate all along and just used me as an excuse because her roommate found me attractive, not that I cared either way.


4. Referral

One time my friend with benefits was leaving town so they referred me to a friend.


5. Brrrr.

Polar bear room, Oregon Zoo after hours.


6. Speedy!

Closest would be “bathroom sex at an academic conference 30 minutes before it was my turn to present”.


7. Every techie did this

“Sex On The Cat-Walk Of My College Performing Arts Theatre While An Orchestra Was Performing ‘Peter And the Wolf’” probably


8. First times

My first time was a foursome


9. Pudding pop

Blowjob after she put chocolate pudding on my dick, very weird change of temperature


10. One way to relax

Been to a wedding and hooked up with not a bridesmaid, but with the bride and groom.


11. Oops

The one time I accidently told the girl I was having sex with ” I love fucking your tight dick “


12. Rare beast

The ‘have sex with a guy who can ejaculate, stay just as hard, and keep going x 3’

Was a great week.


13. Swaps

Wife and I decided to swap with close friends (couple) and our friend couldn’t stop squirting. Sadly, she had never squirted before and it almost destroyed their marriage.


14. A long wait

“36 Year Itch” – We last had sex in 1985 when I was 15 and he was 17. Slept with him again this last Thanksgiving, so 36 years between.


15. Greenland

Had sex with someone from Greenland


16. Revenge

Girl cheated on me with a close friend. I fucked his mum.


17. Confounding 3 way

“The Confusing Three-Way” card. I’ve mentioned it in another comment. Basically involved me agreeing to be a third participant in a friend of mine and his girlfriends first threesome. At one point it involved her thrusting her pelvis into my (female) backside while telling me that she had a big dick. If this scenario were a card I think I could sell it for quite a profit.


18. Oh no oops

The unknown anal card. First time having sex with this girl(we were teens)we did anal, I didn’t know I was in her ass and she didn’t say anything, I asked after if I was in her ass she said ‘I think so”, that was her first time doing anal. We are still friends and had sex a few more times over those years, she loves anal.


19. Mission Impossible

I had sex on top of a train before


20. Singular

Blowjob from a girl with no teeth is definitely holographic.