Guys Are Sharing The Male Stereotypes They Actually Agree Are True (20 Posts)

* So say the people of Reddit. You may or may not agree.

u/Knightmare560 over on AskMen’s subreddit recently wondered, “What’s a stereotype about men you can’t help but silently agree with?” Things that run the gambit from the whole “man child” phenomenon to “piling around the grill” poured in on the sub, so we went through and found the very best replies.

1. The grill

That whole thing about men congregating around the grill, an open car hood, or somebody fixing something. I have no clue why we do it, but I’ve found myself and other men just have a sense for when something isn’t working. We’re not necessarily helping at all, just happy to be a part of the process.


2. Gender stereotypes

I saw a video that was “how to get your man to do things” and it was a woman standing on a stepladder trying to hang a plant from the ceiling using power tools. Once the whirling started a few seconds later the man showed up and didn’t say anything but just took it and hung it himself. I imaging in his head he said “get down your gonna hurt yourself”. But whatever that video is, but put into words is my reply to your question 😂


3. Friendships

As men get older it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain friendships with other men.


4. Left alone

Man do stupid shit whenever are left alone


5. Shortcuts?

I have ended up on the side of a mountain cliff in a Honda Accord because I refused to accept my shortcut wasn’t a good one.


6. Digging

Bring a man to the beach, give him a shovel, and he’s gonna dig a massive hole simply because. Similarly, bring a man to the beach and walk by another man digging a massive hole, the first man WILL stop, observe, comment and oftentimes want to join in the digging of said massive hole


7. Random stuff

That we enjoy the most random things like glass breaking or rocks falling


8. Doing nothing

Being low maintence and that doing nothing is something. It’s fantastic

My girlfriend was worried the first time meeting my guy friends cause we have crazy stories but all we did was sit near each other with a show on with an occasional conversation here and there. Anytime she heads to a friends house there’s always something going on but she appreciates going to my friends house time to time cause we get to be with people and not do much but still be around.


9. Sticks

Stick big, stick good, big stick mean live longer, walk better


10. Approval

Some men’s entire lives are based around getting the approval of women. Nothing he actually does is for himself or his own happiness. It’s literally all to get and keep a woman.


11. Simplicity

“If women would f@$k a guy in a cardboard box, he wouldn’t buy a house.” – Dave Chappelle

There’s definitely some truth to that. A lot of guys are fairly simple creatures and don’t need much. It’s the desire for women that inspires men to do probably 90% of what we do, good and bad.

Subconsciously, women are the reason a lot of guys play in bands, drive nice cars, chase high paying jobs, get into fights, etc.

If you took away men’s desire for women, you’d probably have way less crime and violence, but also less music, comedy and innovation.


12. Toys

We don’t grow up we just get bigger toys.

Every man I know still loves Lego. I’m driving the truck I had on my bedroom wall at age 12. We all want a flamethrower. Monster trucks are still cool, and I’d give three fingers on my left hand for a real lightsaber.


13. Nothing

For us doing nothing is doing something.


14. Helpers

If I am ever in danger like a car crash or something like that, I would expect a man to step in and help me.

And based on so many videos on r/HumansBeingBros, I am not wrong.


15. Take care of us

That we typically want a woman to come take care of us if we are sick.


16. Dumb shit

We do dumb, dangerous shit cause we think it’s cool. Riding bikes off makeshift ramps, cliff jumping etc. etc. Can’t say I don’t do the same though (‘3’)/


17. No doctors

Averse to seeing a healthcare professional.


18. Talking

I will openly admit and agree that men don’t talk about their issues.

We just…don’t.

Men are fixers. Men are doers. Men don’t like talking about problems; men like finding solutions. The issue comes in that, one can’t find a solution if one does not address the problem.

Personally, I think and think and think about it, then make my move. This comes off as making me a bad communicator, I admit it. But in the last few years, I’ve been trained to know to keep my mouth shut about what bothers me least I become the bad guy again. So I suffer in silence. Like a lot of men do.