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Men Are Sharing Unwritten ‘Guy Code’ Rules And They’re Pretty Wholesome (20 Posts)

As a lady, I do not know what goes into guy code, so this post from u/MrSourYT was quite illuminating! He asked the “Men of Reddit, what are some unwritten rules we have?” and the replies were so wholesome and sweet, I swooned my way through it. Obviously some of these will cut all ways, gender notwithstanding, but still. It warms my heart to see people do these things for the others they care about.

1. Funny

When your friend’s crush is around, he is the funniest in the group


2. No way

Don’t throw a friend under the bus to impress someone. Ever.


3. Walking behind a woman

When walking upstairs behind a woman, the stairs instantly become the most interesting thing.

“Hmmm, these stairs are really made out of stairs huh”


4. Keep it safe

when you’re strapping down a strap, you must say “that’s not going anywhere” or you will lose everything on the trailer


5. Friendship

The best test of a friendship is when you defended someone in their absence and vice-versa.


6. Hype

Whenever your friend is cooking on the bbq, you have to stand next to him and talk about how amazing this food is gonna be


7. Don’t keep track

If a friend buys you a drink you don’t pay it back you just buy the next round


8. Let him flirt

If he’s flirting with her, we don’t interrupt untill he takes a piss


9. Safe space

Don’t poke fun at the way a man makes his income.


10. Few words

A grunt and a nod is an entirely acceptable conversation.


11. Seriously. This is all you need.

Beer and pizza/BBQ is acceptable payment for helping another man work on his house or vehicle.


12. Slaps!

A big bag of soil, dry dog food, or rice must be slapped.


13. Beer

You can have a beer. But not if it’s the last one.


14. Bathroom etiquette

If a bro holds the bathroom door for you, don’t screw them over and take the last urinal.


15. Target

It’s is essential that we pee away the small bit of shit on the side of the toilet bowl.


16. Upstairs

As soon as the house is empty( family depart), upstairs we go to de stress, giving the rest of the day the freedom and clarity it deserves.


17. Compliments

Don’t be scared to give compliments, we keep them in our “permanent memory” area.


18. Smile

When having a heart to heart with a bro. Don’t keep it too serious remember to also joke and make your bro smile.


19. The nods

We nod down when we greet someone. We nod up when we meet someone we know.


20. Just buy TP

For those that live with women: No matter what you are going to the grocery store for, just buy toilet paper.