Viral Thread Explores The Question: “Should Female Hygiene Products Be Free?”

If you’re a part of the women’s club, you know how frustrating it is that we have to buy the necessary items for our periods each month. That dreaded feeling when you realize you have to make a trip to the nearest pharmacy to drop $10-$20 on something you can’t help but need is all too familiar to those of the female gender around the globe.

Although it’s true that some countries and areas are getting their act together and making feminine hygiene products more readily available, many places are still using these basic needs to exploit us and we’ve had enough!

A recent AskReddit post quizzed women on whether or not they felt feminine products should be easier to purchase, or even become free; and boy did we have some opinions! Check out some great responses below.

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The AskReddit post questioned, “Do you think female hygiene products should be free or at least more affordable? Why or why not?” Here are 10 of the best responses:

Let us know if you can think of any other ways these products could be more readily available, or if you’re aware of any programs that could help others out!

1. Feminine hygiene products should be treated like other basic necessities such as toilet paper

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2. Some teachers believe in providing for their students in case they are less fortunate than others

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3. Feminine hygiene products have increased exponentially in cost

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4. The USA is falling behind in the free feminine hygiene product movement

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5. Sometimes, having access to these products can effect a woman’s entire life

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6. Feminine hygiene products should be tax free

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7. If all else fails, move to Scotland

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8. Pads and tampons should be free in every women’s bathroom

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9. If condoms are free, why aren’t tampons?

10. It should be common knowledge that something women cannot control should be taken care of without using control tactics

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