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30 People Share What They “Envy About The Opposite Sex”

Gender is a prison. So much of what we are expected to do with our lives and our bodies is prescribed by society alongside strict gender binaries, generally associated with our genital shapes. Does that make sense? No! Especially because it erases trans people, non-binary people, and intersex people. The rules for who should get to do what—or who is even acknowledged as existing—fluctuates wildly across culture and throughout history. And yet, it’s so hard to shake the feeling that some things must be true about being a “man” or a “woman.”

This r/AskReddit started by u/livelifereal does seem at first to support that biological determinist view. They asked, “What do you envy about the opposite sex?” which certainly implies there are only two sexes.

The answers are interesting because some of them do seem like they’re definitely coming from cis people talking about getting boners or their periods and how they’d like to trade around. Other things people envy are completely within their reach if they changed their perceptions of themselves or if society could just catch up to the fluidity of gender. And with some answers, it’s not even clear who the person is considering their “opposite,” because some issues are far more universal than we probably think.

We don’t have to live like this. Free your minds and the dress will follow:


I know both sexes can do this but getting a whole bunch of your friends and sit while people are getting the dead skin off your hands and feet, cleaning and fixing your nails. My wife dragged me once and I really liked it. But none of my guy friends want to do it. I thought it’ll be something cool than our usual sit at a bar drink beer thing. —shaka_sulu


Not having a d*ck that is randomly turn on at any given moment of the day. —jet2050


Peeing on the side of the road/in the forest without crouching and trying to avoid your pants/shoes.

Edit: Ok I appreciate things like the shewee exist and may consider getting one if I take up more hiking in the future, however I’d still rather just be able to whip my parts out and do it without equipment. —BebeBarber


They can be nice to kids without instantly being seen as some sort of child predator. —_—I–_I_I_


Men get actually functional jumpers that have sensible necklines and can put a t-shirt underneath. And shirts that actually cover their lower back when they sit down. —shortyninja


I seriously envy her orgasm —smaksandewand


  I’ve never been able to orgasm so I envy how easy it is for a lot of guys to orgasm. —Grateful_Breadd


They have a lot more options on what to wear in an office. Us men have one option only, shirt and trousers. —ProtectedCesc


As a girl who goes to the gym I envy how naturally strong men are and how it’s easier for them to build muscle (I know it’s different for everyone, but in general). I wish I could lift as heavy, and I know I could do it but I’d need to train harder/longer —croissantbean


Last time I matched with someone on tinder was in April. They unmatched me in an hour before I even saw the notification. Edit: Fear not my lonely friends, I took some advice from this thread and expanded my bio and I got another match! Edit2: And they responded —SolitudTravelr