“What Do You Think Will Be Illegal In 25 Years?” (15 Responses)

Before it was illegal to not wear a seatbelt, people would just throw their kids in the back and head out, hoping they returned home all in one piece. New laws are made every day to make sure the United States doesn’t turn into the Wild West. As we’ve seen in the last year, people will really do whatever they want to do unless someone makes a law that they can’t. 

People on Reddit are sharing all the things they think will be illegal in 25 years based on the way people are acting now. I think certain types of really bad ingredients in fast food might become illegal. What about you? 


1. Refusing to vaccinate

“Not choosing to vaccinate your kids thanks to the great plague of 2034.”

2. Butt wipes.

“The butt wipes everyone started using.

They don’t dissolve like they’re supposed to, and have quickly become the leading cause of sewer clogs.

Many local sewer districts want them banned.’

3. Poor puppies

“Any of those brachycephalic dogs.

French bulldogs are so trendy right now and they just have awful quality of life.”

4. If they can get away with it

I do have to ask about the people saying “anonymity online”.

“I don’t disagree, per se, but I can’t see a possibility where any govt. could pull off that shit and get away with it.”

5. We’re saving the trees, folks!

“Not using recyclables, such as grocery bags.”

6. I hope this one is real. 

“Spoofing CallerID.

I believe people will revolt the more spam calls starts annoying the hell out of us to demand the phone companies lock down their caller ID system.”

7. Or at least just show me the rug I want instead of making me scroll. 

“I sincerely hope that using AI to analyze your online activity and create a portrait of who you are will be regulated.

AI is scary good at it and it can do a lot more damage than just tailoring ads.”

8. *Apple has left the chat*

“Making intentionally shitty, essential products that break after a year so it forces you to buy another one.”

9. Amen to this one.

“Organizations being able to dump millions of dollars into political campaigns”

10. Hopefully not. 

“OTC codeine preparations will become illegal and some people will switch to illegal opioids that are more than 10X stronger.​

Other medications might also become more restricted and become prescription only. Some might just disappear because doctors will prescribe something stronger if people are going to the doctors for it.”

11. Here’s hoping!

“Toddler beauty pageants.

God I hope so.”

12. This could change things. 

“Internet anonymity.

Something like tor that goes through other notes in other countries or masking your IP as somewhere else.”

13. The worst people alive. 

“Super bright car LED headlights.

Why do we need the light output of a white dwarf for a f**king car? You only need to illuminate a part of the road, not the entire surroundings plus the town 10 miles away, while burning the retinas out of my eyeholes.”

14. Let’s fight it now.

“Inflated college tuitions. I think this is something people are going to fight in years to come.”

15. Stop screwing people over 2k46

“Predatory student loans.

I will never escape mine because I was 17 when I decided it was totally the right decision to take out 100k in private student loans to pay for undergrad. I was a gifted rural kid with a family of high school graduates who had no idea how to navigate the system, and now I owe Sallie Mae my life, forever, so that I could get a sociology degree.

I made the decision, but choosing to loan to me was predation, and I don’t think this will be legal after the next couple of presidencies.”