People Are Sharing Things That Improved Their Lives So Much They Wish They’d Done Them Sooner (16 Posts)

I think one of the worst things you can do is live a life of regret; your actions lead you to where you are now and it’s important to think about whether you’re happy where you are. If not, something needs to change.

So I love questions like this from Reddit user u/colorfulsoul_

“What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner?”

Sit back and take some notes.

1. Aging

53 year old woman here. A ‘hottie’ in my youth. The relief and freedom with not feeling like my worth is dependent on my looks is palpable. I stopped dyeing my hair during quarantine and now I have this wild silver streak in the front that I love. I think I’m going to grow it long again and fully rock the witch vibe. Why? Cuz I’m old enough to no longer give a sh*t about other people’s judgment.


2. Good Knives

Bought some Wusthof Classic knives 8 years ago and couldn’t believe I was spending so much money on knives. Years later, I still thank myself for that purchase. They are eons better than any other knives I’ve used. The only silly part is that I bought a full set. Honestly, all you need is a chef’s knife, utility knife, bread knife, shears, and paring knife.


3. Solo Blankets

Independent blankets for my wife and I in bed. Incredible how much better you sleep when there’s no waking up with blankets pulled half off or using one that’s too heavy or too light. I’d HIGHLY recommend for anyone that sleeps with a significant other.


4. Say no

Learning to be okay with saying “no” and starting off all relationships (personal and professional) with healthy boundaries. You don’t ever need an excuse to say “no” to if you don’t want to do something. Don’t feel like going out with friends that night? No thank you. Don’t want to work an extra shift at your place of employment if it’s not mandatory? No thanks boss!

Boundaries are amazing, and when set from the beginning, they are much easier to maintain for your own mental well being.


5. Get clothes you LIKE

Buying a wardrobe of good quality, properly fitting clothing that I actually like. Agonizing over what to wear every morning because this doesn’t fit properly, this one has a stain, I just wore that yesterday, I don’t like how this sits on my body would start my day off very badly.


6. Drink Water

When I got my first ‘real’ job, I still had no money. The options for something to drink at work were either paying for a soda, or water, which was free. One day of drinking water all day-no coffee, no soda, just water-and I had this ‘holy sh*t. I’ve just been thirsty for the past 25 years’ moment and I never looked back.


7. Be emotional

Accepting at 28 that I was a very emotional guy and letting myself cry whenever I needed to. I swear I cried constantly for about a year straight, as if catching up on all the feelings I repressed my whole life. However, it tapered off about a year ago and it kinda sucks. It’s as if I literally grew thicker skin through truly allowing myself to feel the painful things I felt and it’s become increasingly difficult to cry like I used to. It felt really good to just let everything out!


8. DND forever

Permanently placed my phone on Do Not Disturb (allow calls from Contacts). This one change saved me from constant disruptive unwanted calls. Life is good on No Ring Lane.


9. Hike

Hiking in the mountains. Nothing makes me feel more at peace and excited at the same time.


10. Trim friends

Cutting out toxic “friends.” After years of knowing someone, it can be hard to see that they are no longer the person they were when the relationship started. My childhood best friend grew into a manipulative, selfish pr*ck. For years, I hung out with him almost every day after work and always felt miserable afterwards. Everyone around me questioned why I still spent time with him. I always made excuses that seem ridiculous in hindsight. I should have cut ties 10 years ago.


11. Robot vacuum

Roomba. Omg not having to sweep dog/cat hair daily is such a blessing. You push one button and it comes out and you dump it in the trash. It does get under my dining room table because it just barely fits through the chair legs. It does not have a forward sensor at all, just bumps into things and senses that way. 


12. Discomfort is good

I was very shy and self-conscious, but at some point I started just living how I wanted. I already wasn’t popular, what was I risking? Girls still wouldn’t be interested? I guess I just started doing things I’d been afraid to do before, including being more outgoing. I know this sounds like generic advice but it really worked for me.

Every time your brain says “No, that wouldn’t work out” or “No, what would people think” or any other version of “No, don’t try,” it’s a perfect opportunity to do something you feel drawn to! Dye your hair pink. Try painting even though you “know” you’ll suck at it. Fart and then say “It was me.” Ok, maybe not the last one.


13. Breathe

Breathing exercises. Focusing on really deep exhales. After about 10mins my whole outlook for the day changes.


14. Floss

Flossing. I never saw the dentist as a kid, and no one really pushed me to or cared about my dental health.


15. Automate Excel

Automating simple yet time-consuming tasks — like Excel macros. You wouldn’t realise how much time you save beforehand, but it sure does save heaps.


16. Sleep when you’re tired

Sleeping when I’m sleepy.