Women Reveal How They Discovered Kinks They Didn’t Know They Had (20 Stories)

Discovering new aspects of one’s sexual preferences can be a thrilling and empowering experience. For many women, exploring their kinks and fetishes can lead to a deeper understanding of themselves and their desires.


We recently found a Reddit thread from u/–ROCKSTAR– asking women to share their personal stories of how they uncovered kinks they never knew they had.

1. Slapped

getting slapped on the ass during sex. Husband did that when we were first dating and it nearly floored me and I immediately commanded “AGAIN!” lol. That surprised both of us 🤣


2. Names

Being called a good girl, 100%. He said it once in a voice message. I will keep that voice message forever 🤣 Also just generally pleasing my man. I’m actually enjoying sex for the first time in a long time and discovering more along the way. He’s the most gentle kind person ever so any time he gets a little bit dominating it just does something to me 😅


3. Exhibitionism

I’m not sure how it’s called but knowing that people get off of me. I posted a picture on my instagram and then a guy dmed saying how hard I made him, at first I ignored him but it I kept thinking about it every day. I was surprised to find that something about that just made me so horny. Eventually I became more confident in taking sexy pics and sharing them and it got me into a job I love and enjoy! So I’m very glad I discovered that kink


4. Praise

Praise. He randomly said it during lovemaking and I liked it. In hindsight, with the harsh upbringing I’ve had, it’s not even that surprising.

5. Lovingly dominated

I like to be lovingly dominated. Like, I have a male friend who I feel safe and secure with. And it turns me on so much how he sort of “guides” me when we are out. It is all very platonic and non-sexual, and never in a million years would I tell him how hot it makes me. I also think I may have a bit of a cuckquean kink, although I have never actually had that experience. But I have always had this weird dream (I have had this recurring dream since I was twenty) that I had a partner who was mentally 100% devoted to me, but would occasionally tell me he was going to have sex with another woman, and then describe their time together afterward. It has always made me really turned on, but I also know it will never happen because I don’t think there is a man that is capable of being that honest and open while also being a safe person to me.


6. Math

Math kink. I like when gf tries to stump me with math equations so we accidentally brought it to the bedroom.


7. Swallowing

Swallowing. I love it, how it tastes, how it feels, I’ve only had two partners, first was a smoker and drinker and lived pretty much entirely on salt, was awful. Current is healthy, hydrated and eats fruit and honestly I love it, it’s so intimate and sexy.


8. Dirty talk

there was this guy that I’ve been sleeping with a few years ago… one time we were just cuddling in his bed, and out of the blue he started to whisper in my ears, describing what he would do to me… in like, a very-very detailed and sexy way… he didn’t even need to touch me and I almost came lol. his confidence added an extra layer to it. I tried dirty talk with others too, but nobody ever came close to him haha


9. Listening

I have a kink for listening people have sex.

I discovered it when I had a roomate (guy) who would have his girlfriend over sometimes.

Very sexy.


10. Free Use

Freeuse… someone on Reddit explained it to me.


11. Edging

I used to see a guy who liked edging. It was his kink. He would edge for weeks and then he’d sleep with me. It prolonged his experience with me and it was enjoyable. We also talked dirty. I have never met anyone like him ever again and never met anyone who wanted to do that. I still think of him sometimes 🙂


12. Breeding Kink

I have lots of them but one I recently discovered and don’t ever talk about, was during when my SO said something about cumming inside me and I instantly had a great orgasm. I don’t want to get pregnant at all but now I think I have a breeding kink.


13. Worship

Apparently there is this kink called body worshiping and I only found out about it recently. I like making my man feel good and worship my boyfriend’s cock as often as he’ll let me. Didn’t know it was a “thing”. 


14. Short

Short guys.

I always dated men taller than me, i thought it was a romantic thing as you see in movies to be picked up by a tall man and feel like a doll. Fek that, I’m dating this guy that’s shorter than me. (I’m pretty tall for a girl) He is making me feel like lady dimitrescu for resident evil, and he is fanboying over his tall lady like he is markiplier. I’ve never felt more sexy.

It wasn’t a kink until i wore heels, and he planted his face between my boobs and said, “You are a goddess.”

Even if things don’t work out between us, not a single soul can take that experience away from me.


15. Choking

Being choked. My partner gently squeezed my neck one time and I told him to do it harder and now it’s a turn on lol


16. Sexy Pics

Taking lingerie pics of myself. A couple years ago husband was out of town for two nights. On the first night he requested a dirty picture. However, I was being lazy on the sofa, watching my favorite show, and eating Doritos. So I put my cellphone on the dining room table, turned around, and took a picture of my waist. My pj pants were slightly lowered and you could see a lacy panty and the top of my ass-crack. He went nuts about it. He said he couldn’t take a better picture if he tried. So now I buy specific lingerie only for pictures. It’s cheap things that don’t fit me well or at all, but I’m thinking of angles and backdrops. Sometimes I’m eager for him to leave and I take my pic and send it to him un requested.

I’m specially happy about it because we’ve been together for almost 30 years, and for me to be thinking of new ways to surprise both of us is really exciting.


17. Inside

Being creampied… I’ve taken it for granted during many years under birth control and didn’t realize how much it impacts my pleasure to feel my partner cumming inside me until i had to stop taking birth control for medical reasons.


18. Gentle dom

Through……….. Tumblr. It was a drawing of a clothed couple where it was clear he had a vibrator on/in him, and she held the remote for it and said something teasingly/lovingly to him. They both smiled, he was blushing and it was just so hot in a sweet way, and I was like OK when can I do this and with who. I’m usually instantly turned off by anything even remotely pornographic, but man, that particular picture triggered something in me.


19. Verbal Kinks

A weird combination of praise kink and milder verbal erotic degradation. I lost my mind when my ex called me a good girl, especially after I came. I also loved him being dominant in general. I’m an assertive boss-type IRL with my shit together, so it’s amazing to let someone else tell me what to do, and praise me for doing it well. It just made me want to do it more.

Then on random occasions while fooling around, he would call me a dirty girl, dirty little slut, or little whore. I was shocked that I liked it so much! But I had a huge amount of trust for him, and as someone who has been routinely shamed by men for my high libido, I found a big sense of ownership hearing that from someone who adored and respected me so much.


20. Butt stuff

A butt plug. My very sexually adventurous friend bought me one( she talked about how she loves it and I’m like really? I hate anal)

I used it with my man.

Damn. From both of us.

Highly recommend.

Use lube.