21 Annoying Myths Women Say They’re Tired Of Hearing

It’s not easy being a lady, especially because it seems like no one is ever listening to us! Here we have an entire Reddit thread with thousands of comments about all the myths there are about women, and a lot of them are super repetitive—which means that women everywhere have found that no one is listening to them about the exact same thing. They’re not even reading each other’s comments in the thread.

This was started when Redditor u/BOBO24PLAYZ posted a question on r/AskReddit.

“Women of Reddit, what is a 100% myth about women?” they wanted to know.

Many of the responses are vagina-related, unfortunately. I really think they should stop separating girls and boys in health class because a lot of this could get cleared up in the fifth grade. We shouldn’t have adult men out here thinking that women can control when they menstruate.

The other responses are about how so many women feel like they’re treated like they all fit the same mold, when actually they’re all dynamic, complicated, human beings. That’s definitely a myth that needs busting. And here are more:


That we pee and bleed from the same hole lol —Scared_Gap5717


Some men think we can turn our periods on and off like a tap. Why do they think that?? —Kabrallen


That bra sizes just range from A-DD with DD being the absolute largest —nixon_jeans


It’s a myth that women don’t have wet dreams. We do. —_TallulahShark


That you can tell how much sex a woman has had by looking at her genitals. No you can’t. Also, that having a lot of sex makes the vagina “loose.” Apparently some people think the vaginal muscles are magic since apparently they’re the only muscles in the body that get weaker with more use. —kidehcvbcvbcvbcv


We’re all good at multitasking. Bro, I can barely do one thing at a time. —DaisyChained23


That most of us orgasm through penetration —xxv2


That one bleeds the first time they have sex. If they didn’t “bleed” they were not really a virgin. FALSE! Raise your hand if you did NOT BLEED!? I raising mine! —cathef


That the reason we go to the bathroom in groups is to gossip and fix our makeup.

The truth is, it takes time to worship the Dark Lord, and summoning is best performed in groups of 3 or more —Lumpy-Spring6794


That we want to see a pic of your dick. We don’t —jojojones1313


“Women aren’t visual” yes, many are, and it is more and more accepted

“Women know chores better” Nope, I suck, and many women are good only because they are taught —J-Erso


That when we say that we “are not interested” in someone, actually want them to try to persuade us 10-20 times more… —anbonie912


All women love shoes. And diamonds. And shopping. —Different_Average2la


That we all think alike. —0nina


We all dream of our weddings since we were little nuggets. We all are social butterflies. We all want boyfriends. Like no… lmao —Glaphyra


That we are either a girly girl, tomboy, gamer girl, or some other stereotype when we can be all of them or none of them. Humans are multifaceted and we all have different experiences. I grew up with only brothers, am athletic, lift weights, have a BFF who is a professional makeup artist (subsequently I am very good at makeup), can cook, went to fashion school, and am the breadwinner of my family. You can’t put me in a box. —GrandEmperorSloth


If we’re single, there’s something wrong with us. —Chimples10


That we’re women and not people. For context. I hate the “big pro tip” that “women are people too guys if you just treat them like people and not sex objects you’ll date more women”. Like why do you need to be told that??? Why is that a hot tip!? —Pepperspray24


That we are a mystery. I am sick of telling people exactly what I want and hearing, “well, yeah but what do you really want?” I am not lying or playing games. You know what women want? To be treated like human being with respect like anyone else! —Viperbunny


That just because our bodies are designed for it, we all want kids of our own at any given time of our lives. Pregnancy is no joke and also… Kids are a lifetime commitment and not everyone wants to have that!

And it’s still OK! —planesNbooks


Women are from Venus. I’ve looked into it, turns out this is not true. —TheNeonDonkey