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“If You Got $1,000 Per Person You Annoy, What’s The Fastest Way To Become A Billionaire?” (25 Responses)

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were easy to make a billion dollars?

This entertaining AskReddit Thread has people discussing what would be the fastest way to become a billionaire if you got $1,000 per person you annoy.

The prompt has people coming up with some creative ways to get rich quickly. Here are some of the best ideas people shared.

You get $1000 per person you annoy. What is the fastest way you can become a billionaire? — u/Madisoniano


I can’t say that the advice “just be yourself” has always worked out well for me, but this sounds like it might be the exception. — BaldandersSmash


Go slightly under the speed limit on a long two-lane road — whalexte


Make a DIY video on painting your car with house paint and someone is next to me telling me how amazing it’s looking. — ProvocativeHotTakes


Be the dude at the airport terminal telling people they gotta do another loop, and can’t wait there for people coming off their plane. I’d probably only have to do a half day at LaGuardia… — gangsta-grillz


Start tweeting again. — reddit_mau5


Make 3 unskippable ads on youtube — Taipan-05


Lots of beautifully annoying ideas in the comments, but nearly all of them are underestimating how hard it is to annoy a million people. As a software developer, the closest I got to reaching that kind of audience was when I worked at a big game studio on a heavily marketed AAA title.

So this is what I’d do: on one and only one menu in the game, I would invert what the A and B buttons do (or O/X on PS). While players would rely on muscle memory to back out of menus using B and confirm selection using A, in that one menu, pressing B would confirm, and pressing A would back out. — riscten


Start arguing with everyone on Reddit Edit: Y’all heard me, bitch — Scarlett137


Post the answer to wordle on all your social media first thing in the morning — ex-toria


Take out a bunch of TV and radio ads endorsing both Trump and Biden simultaneously using Gilbert Gottfried sound bites as the narration. — Clcooper423


People here are thinking too small. Cause a significant delay in the start of a big game – Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, etc. Everyone there and the millions watching at home will be annoyed. Boom. Instant billionaire. — notapunk


Take a loan, buy an ad spot at the Superbowl, and say bud light sucks. I’ll be a billionaire within minutes. — torqtea


Drive through neighborhoods, windows down, music blaring. — DragonairBNB


Put power outlet stickers on the walls at the airport. — Its_General_Apathy


Become the host of a popular talk show. You thought Corden was bad? Just wait. — VanderlyleNovember


Going on the NYC subway during rush hour and soliciting money by singing or trying to do a shitty dance routine in a crowded car – bettywhite63


Close off all but one lane on 95, right through the middle of DC, at 2 pm this Friday. — keenedge422


Baaaaaaaby shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo 🎶 — mindlessfuxk


Talk about cross fit and then argue with the people on the CrossFit subs — Jmpeters09


Go to quiet, kid-free areas with my 3 energetic, young children after a night of bad sleep and sugar — Mission_Asparagus12


It’s pronounced “JIF” — Monsieur_Bananabread


Talk seriously to high school students — Vospire34


Go for a leisurely drive in the middle lane of a highway — blockman16


Hello, I am calling about your car’s extended warranty… — Murky-Fun2592


hack google and make it so everyone has to reset their password. no matter what password they use for the new one it will give the error stating this is their current password. it will only reset properly after the 3rd attempt — The420Turtle