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People Share The Awkward Parts Of Sex “No One Really Talks About” (20 Stories)

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We’ve all had an awkward hook-up or two.

Or, actually, maybe NON-awkward hook-ups are the exception, not the rule? Feels like that to me at least.

In any event, the topic of awkward sex recently spread through Reddit, thanks to user mjobby on r/AskReddit a few days ago.

In the post, he asked: “What are the awkward parts of sex that no one really talks about?” 

Are you ready to dive in? Are you sure? It’s up there on the awkward level. (Mostly because you’ve probably done nearly every awkward thing on this list.)

1. The waiting

“That moment when you have to put a condom on and either go look for it while the other person is waiting or he just puts it on while you stare” – trujace

2. The noise

“The bed noises travel further than expected.” – T2112

3. The rhythm

“I had a water bed for the longest time. Not easy to have sex on. Rhythm was always getting fucked up. Also made more noise than a regular bed. I thank baby Jesus every day I got rid of it. Was a good bed before I started getting girls into it, after—not so much.” – denkirilargo477

4. The injuries

“When you pull a hamstring mid-stroke” – StanGamble

5. The search

“Trying to find your underwear in the sheets” – 1147298

6. The fluids

“If your partner ejaculates in you, it’s got to go somewhere, often where gravity takes it. Frequently this happens immediately after sex. Often it happens the next day while you’re at work speaking to Jackie from Procurement about cost savings measures and quote comparisons.” – LizIsGreat

7. The monthly visitor

“When you think your period ended two days ago but when the lights come on the bed looks like it’s straight out of a slasher film” – lokiapologist

8. The aftermath

“Ten minutes standing over a toilet trying to pee.” – befitlyric

9. The gases

“I love the string of inevitable queefs you get after doggystyle.” – psychedelicpeakfreak

10. The cramps

“When giving head your jaws starts to cramp but you don’t wanna interrupt his flow.” – aeriesneak