25 People Reveal How They Accidentally Caught Their Partners Cheating With Someone Else

Cheating is an awful thing to do to someone. It’s unfortunate that it happens, and there’s never a right way to find out. In most cases, they get caught in a lie or literally in the act.

It’s awkward and uncomfortable for someone to confront, and people are revealing how they accidentally caught their partner cheating with someone else in this AskReddit thread.


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It’s so classic and pathetic it will sound sitcomy, but I found long blond hair in our bed. I’m a short-haired brunette. He had a buzzcut. When confronted he shrugged and said, “Well, what are you gonna do about it, anyway, dump me? You can’t, we have a shared lease, so suck it up”

Guess who got dumped the very same day with the help of a very nice, understanding, and outraged landlord that rescinded the lease?


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My husband changed his cell phone from our joint plan to hers. Verizon sent me an email confirming the change and the account his line was added to, which included her name. I asked him, and he lied. I looked her up on Facebook, and it turns out they had just celebrated their 2 year dating anniversary. We had just celebrated 8 years of marriage.


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Saw his mom posted a picture of her new grandchild on Facebook, it sure as hell didn’t come from my vagina.


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Found my wife’s notebook. Written on the first page was a 10-step plan detailing how she was going to leave me for another guy.

I turned it into one step.


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Not me but a medical resident who I met on rotation recently. One of the nicest guys I ever met, super intelligent and hardworking, and training to be a trauma surgeon by humble as they come. He had been married for 2 years to his wife. One night he gets off a 30-hour call early and heads home to surprise his wife with some flowers and her favorite dessert (it was the anniversary of the day they first met). Only to find her in bed with a random dude.

He was so exhausted and confused, that he didn’t know what to do and just left and went back to the hospital. I saw him at 5 AM, sitting in the parking lot, hunched over crying. He didn’t even have his phone with him, he was just sitting there. Man, nothing breaks your heart more than seeing a grown man cry, it’s not something you see often. We called his dad up and he came and picked him up, the guy ended up taking a leave from his residency. Turns out, it wasn’t the wife’s first time sleeping around. Hope he gets back on his feet, he will make an amazing physician.


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I didn’t “accidentally” catch him, someone purposefully mailed me a letter.

One day, I received an anonymous letter that stated my boyfriend of 7 years was seeing another woman. This letter was said to be from a friend of a different woman he was seeing. I confronted him and he denied it (of course).

I checked his emails and found google messages from a third woman. I found out he was cheating with three different women for five years. Like why even bother to be in a relationship at that point.

F**k you Alex.


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Mt St Augustine erupted in Alaska in 1986. They had to evacuate all planes out of Elmendorf AFB due to ash in the air. This sent my unit home from Korea 3 days early. I got home at 2 AM and there was a guy sleeping next to my wife in our bed.

Mt St Augustine erupted in Alaska in 1986. They had to evacuate all planes out of Elmendorf AFB due to ash in the air. This sent my unit home from Korea 3 days early. I got home at 2 AM and there was a guy sleeping next to my wife in our bed.


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My mom’s best friend went to have lunch with one of her other friends from the church choir, to meet that woman’s new boyfriend.

Surprise. It was my boyfriend.


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My husband had been really nasty to me recently, and we got into a huge fight the night before he went on a business trip. By morning we had sort of made up, but I was still salty.

He always texts me to tell me when his plane lands and normally I respond, but I was still so mad, that I decided to ignore him. I had never done that before, so he called me to ask what was wrong. I said, ‘Right now, I’m as mad at you as I’ve ever been.’

He mistakenly assumed I had found out about the multiple online affairs he was having and accidentally blurted everything out.


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One of my former co-workers loaded in an SD card with a scanned project file on it. he put it into the conference room PC we were treated to naked pics of his wife f*****g another guy. we were just stunned. this was in a senior budgetary meeting with the outside accountants and auditors. and he was sitting right there and we were looking at his wife and another guy going at it. I reached over and shut the projector off. nobody said anything. he got up and walked out and drove off in his car. left his phone and laptop sitting on the table. he wound up driving to his parent’s house 3 states away. he was gone for a week.


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Walked in on my girlfriend while she was having sex with another guy. “What are you doing here?!” she says. “You gave me a key, remember? I ended up not working today and wanted to surprise you.”

15 years later she reaches out and leaves me a message that she’d like to talk. I figure she’s doing some 12-step thing or something and wants to make amends.

Nope. She wanted to try and sell me on Amway.


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I caught my ex thanks to f*****g Pokemon Go of all things.

She mentioned Pokemon Go was using lots of her data. I explained that in her settings she could see how much data an app was using. I proceeded to show her and proved to her it wasn’t by pointing out Tinder was using much more data…

It was sad but also funny the way it went down

I’ve posted this before but it’s still funny to remember.


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Went to log into email and a suggested one that I didn’t recognize popped up. I answered all his security questions, and reset his password to find emails between him and the neighbor. We were in therapy to recover from him cheating with her and there they were waxing poetic about their love and when I’d be out of the house so they could be together. The actual horror sorry is that our 7-year-old daughter is the one who accidentally caught them originally by walking into our bedroom while I was at work.


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2 weeks ago I sent a message to a mutual friend asking to borrow a router. He didn’t answer, but no worries he lives nearby. I’ll just stop by and grab it.

I pull up to his house and start heading down the driveway. He has a long country driveway so it’s a few seconds before I see my car (I drive a company vehicle during the day) already there.

My heart began to sink, but they are friends, and business partners, maybe it’s nothing. I got out of my van and look up to see the other guy shirtless in his bedroom.

At this point, my heart is down on my stomach and I am visibly shaking. I go in and immediately head upstairs. He is alone, now clothed.
I say ” I came to borrow the router, also have you seen my wife? The car is here” He then proceeds to give the worst improv I’ve ever heard. “Huh? no, she was here at some point though”. Whatever I knew she was there I just wanted him to admit it.

I go down, take the router, and head back to the van where I finally encounter my wife topless trying to sneak around the side of his house.

And now here I am

Edit: to all those wondering, I kept the router.
Edit 2: it’s a plunge router for woodworking.


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My brother discovered a condom inside his fiancé. It wasn’t the brand he uses.


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One day my husband was getting ready for work and I saw him packing his GoPro case so he could take it to work. I thought, “hmmm that’s weird, why would he be taking it to work?”

So, when he jumped into the shower, I replaced his GoPro with mine and thought I’d look through the files when he leaves for work. My suspicions were on alert because he had just taken a trip to the PI with some friends.

A guys only weekend kind of thing.

Fire up the camera and found 3 videos…

Lo and behold… there he is in all his glory barebacking a Filipino prostitute.

Looking and posing for the camera like he’s some f*****g porn star.
I was enraged but also looking at this fool acting like he’s a f*****g adult film star was hilarious.


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Me and my girlfriend were long-distance and she had a habit of going quiet sometimes. She’d been texting me for the last few weeks but had made excuses not to come to visit.

I went to a party that my friend had organized. I met a friend of his who told me he had a new girlfriend. I was surprised he hadn’t mentioned her, so I asked who she was. This lady introduced me to my girlfriend. She’d told everyone that we broke up, and had been dating my friend for about a month. She didn’t bother to tell me.


Get in his car. The seat was pushed all the way back and there was a bracelet on the floor.

The first thing I asked was if he had cleaned off the seat when he had finished.

He said yes. Then he realized he was talking to his girlfriend, not one of the many friends who knew about his affair.

The best part is we were all packed up for a weekend out of town for his cousin’s wedding. His parents were in the car behind us. I went. We didn’t speak the entire weekend.


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Came back from a trip four hours early. My wife was supposed to be at work still. Opened the front door to see her sitting topless on the couch making out with a coworker.

He ran out the door; she ran into a bathroom and locked the door.

Sat on that couch for about an hour because I couldn’t think of what else to do. Finally just up and left, so she could come out of the bathroom and put a shirt on.


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In the early 2000s, my friend’s husband was deployed to Iraq. Together, they had a 10-year-old son and a happy marriage. One day, while he was deployed, I am at home when another one of our friends calls and screams “Holy S**t, turn on the news right now!” I turn it on to watch a human interest story about a fundraiser at a high school 30 miles away. They’re doing Relay for Life or something, and as a “surprise” to one of the participants, they had her “husband” and father of her two grade-school children do a video call from Iraq and displayed it on the football jumbotron.

There on our local news is my friend’s husband, telling another woman and two kids how he loves them and can’t wait to get back home to them. The news eats it up, about what a great guy he is.

That night, our group of friends convened and decided how we would tell her. I was nominated, so the next day I had to sit her down and tell her what we saw. She called the news station, and they were happy to let her come in and watch the story. They were also incredibly apologetic.

The story has a somewhat crappy ending, I’m afraid. She called him out on his bs, they started divorce proceedings, and he went on to legally marry the mother of his other kids, and mostly ignored his son from the first marriage.


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I woke up on Christmas day to my partner’s alarm going off. He was the type to have 17 alarms set five minutes apart to make sure he got out of bed. I went into his phone to turn them all off and saw a message preview from his baby mama that was a bit too flirty.

I checked and he’d been sleeping with her for a month, including the day before (Christmas eve), while I was at home with his parents and their child, preparing Christmas dinner and he was ‘working.’


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Not my relationship, but my boyfriend’s Mom took me out to lunch to get to know me better. We really kicked it off and had a great lunch. She had to run home because she forgot to grab a gift for a shower we had to attend after and we found her husband ducking the neighbor on the couch… She was mortified and never the same around me again.

Her son and I split because of that (he didn’t think his Dad was wrong because his mom gained weight- as in she was now 140 5’6” and not 120), so I never found out what happened.


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Not me, but a friend was watching an NBA game on TV and saw her (now) ex in the stands since he had seats that were close to the court and visible from the broadcast camera.

He was supposedly attending with a male colleague but had his arm wrapped around a woman.


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Well, he wasn’t my spouse, but he had proposed to me that morning. He said he had to go to work to cover a shift, but when he didn’t call me for his dinner break, as he usually did when he worked that shift, I got worried (He was an LEO) and called him.

Someone else picked up his phone, and explained that the “guy whose phone this is, yeah, I think he went up to a room with his girlfriend, we have it down here waiting for him”. They were at a hotel. Turns out he used it as an excuse to sleep with another woman he knew from when they were in the academy together and had been seeing each other for a while, she was married.

The next morning, when he came to pick me up so we could get our parents to take them to brunch and announce the news, I refused to go with him. In hindsight, I should’ve waited until we were all at brunch and he had paid the bill to confront him for the free food, but I was young and dumb.