Dad Demands Restitution From Daughter’s Ex For Taking Her Virginity

A man in Dallas, Texas tweeted a letter his friend received from their ex’s dad. They had broken up over 10 years ago, but her dad was angry his daughter lost her virginity to him, so he wrote a pretty deranged letter demanding payback.

For some reason, this man is under the impression a grown woman’s virginity belonged to him. 

The treatment of women has changed a lot in recent years. Women couldn’t even have their own bank account until the 1960’s and they still needed their husbands to cosign on it. Women’s virginities were thought to be owned by their father, something that many men still believe today. I’m sure if this dad had his way, he would have traded his daughter for a fattened calf. 

The Tweet…

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Part 1

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“It has been nearly ten years since I learned that you stole my daughter _______’s virginity. Initially it was my intention to forgive you. But after I confronted you about it and you expressed repentance, I later learned that you have since gone and done the same to others.”

“In the interim, I have thought, prayed, and studied the Scriptures seeking for an appropriate response. At the time I was a man of modest means and you deliberately took from me my most precious treasure. A treasure I invested my heart and soul and every available resource in creating. For a brief pleasure, you forever took from me the sublime joy of giving my pure, virgin daughter away in marriage to her chosen husband.”

Part 2

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“Since you have not raised a daughter, you cannot imagine the emotions and feelings that I have endured without relief since then. However, I will tell you that my wrath against you is so great that to kill you by prolonged and extreme torture followed by the thorough desecration and destruction of your corpse would not be enough to extinguish my anger. 

‘However, I am restrained from doing violence against you by the sole fact that I have given my heart to our Savior, Jesus Christ; and doing willful harm to a fellow Christian is an impossibility. Moreover, I cannot hate a person enough to desire that they should suffer eternal torment in hell. So, I have sought a resolution somewhere in between these extremes.”


Via: isaactweeting
Via: isaactweeting

Full letter:

So yea, that’s normal and all.

Twitter responded, well, you know:

What do you think, lawyers? Does he have a case? 

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