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Woman Asks If She Was Wrong To Rub Her Salary In Her Boyfriend’s Face In Front Of Their Friends

Couples usually don’t make the same amount of money at their jobs. But if they’re supportive of each other and financially stable, that shouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, sometimes there is jealousy.

One Redditor who didn’t graduate high school but who makes more money than her partner is tired of his jabs.

One night, she finally rubbed it in his face that she makes more money than he does — in front of their friends. He was angry, but is this a case of messing around and finding out?

“We’ve been together for 2 years, living together for 1. When we were on our first date he asked if I pursued a higher education after high school, which I didn’t. I explained that I failed high school and he couldn’t believe it. He was a high achiever and couldn’t possibly understand how somebody could fail high school. He finds it amusing to tease me about it and truthfully it doesn’t bother me. I have a good job and I’ve done great things despite not having a traditional education. At the very worst it’s a little annoying but I refuse to lose sleep over it,” says the OP.

“Tonight we had friends over and the conversation turned towards high school and what subjects we did. I listed off what I studied in my final year and he began to laugh, saying that it didn’t matter because I failed anyway. Then since he’d had too much to drink he took it a little far and started poking fun at how only idiots fail high school. I tried to play it off but the alcohol got the better of me as well and I snapped, responding, ‘That’s why I earn $48 per hour and you earn $26, right? Because you did so well in high school and that set you up for success?’ Him and one of his friends said that I’d ruined the night, but a couple of my friends said he had it coming.”

Redditors chimed in on whether or not he had it coming.

“NTA He did have it coming. Not to be the LEAVE HIM person so early lmfao but, if he did that on the first date and has been an asshole about it ever since. Why stick around? You can find someone who doesn’t find it funny to demean you as ‘fun,'” said PoseyCircles.

“NTA. He shouldn’t be dishing it out if he can’t take it. Edit: Also want to add, maybe it’s a good time to talk about how your history with high school shouldn’t really be brought up anymore. Really sounds like he pokes fun belittles you for it because he’s insecure that you’re more successful than he is,” explained GalaticAsshole.

“Dude’s a weenie. Constantly makes jabs at her intelligence but can’t handle getting dunked on in return ONCE without being a massive baby about it. If he had empathy he would connect the dots and realize this is how he makes her feel on a regular basis, but I won’t be holding my breath for that,” stated factsorfictions.

“NTA. It’s odd that he has held onto this ‘joke’ for so long, especially about high school. A healthy partner would support and uplift your accomplishments/career instead of focusing on demeaning you,” said jabmwr.

“NTA. You didn’t ruin the night. He pushed and pushed until you snapped back and then he went all ‘Surpised Pikachu.’ Not gonna say this by itself is breakup-worthy but that kind of BS negging would have me questioning, at least. Why does he feel it necessary to put you down so badly?” asked PorgNBeanz.

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