Guy Asks If He’s A Jerk For Refusing To Follow His Girlfriend’s House Rules

“Rules are there for a reason” SOUNDS like I’m being the world’s biggest fuddy-duddy and, sure, maybe I am, but I’ve also always liked to follow reasonable rules. And the older I get, the more I go: oh, yeah, okay, that makes sense.

Most of the time, I can see the sense in things. Once in a blue moon, I cannot and I really internally-flail against those mandates (LOOKING AT YOU, MASKS IN THE RESTAURANT UNTIL YOU SIT DOWN. WHAT WAS THE POINT.)

So maybe the following absolute tool just didn’t understand the rules.

I (M28) live with my girlfriend (F24)

Great. Mazel.

Before living together, I lived alone and so I became adjusted to living on my own terms, it’s been tough to adjust to having someone else to mind regarding manners and house rules, but it’s impossible to adjust when my girlfriends rules are this intense.

YES. YES IT IS HARD TO ADJUST TO—intense rules? What is she, Mussolini?

I get no shoes in the apartment rule, but my girlfriend says no feet on the couch pillows, no sitting on the couch after the gym before having a shower, no leaving dishes in the sink, no leaving any food wrappers out, and the most annoying, no drinking straight from the carton.

We need to stop for a moment.

“The most annoying, no drinking straight from the carton.”

Bro, what. The F?

I get that the carton thing is rude in someone else’s house but I live here, and I don’t get the rule considering my girlfriend and I make out so what does it matter?

Oh my god, I hate this guy. He’s rationalizing not being a pig because his girlfriend requested it? DUDE.

I get that no food wrappers out can attract bugs but I’ll throw them away within a day or so, why does it need to constantly look perfect when we hardly even have guests over and this is my one place in this world to just relax?

We share rent, this is my home too, so I told her I’m not going to follow all these rules because I feel a prisoner in my own apartment. AITA??

Yes. Let’s check out Reddit’s verdict: