30 People Get Very Honest About Why They Are Glad To Be Single

There is so much pressure to pair up in this world that it can be hard to believe that there’s anything good about the alternative. Why would being single be good if everyone is trying so hard to avoid it and you get better tax breaks when you’re married? Why are there so many dating apps if people are enjoying being alone?

Well, being in a good relationship is great. The problem is that people are so scared of being single, they’ll get into a bad relationship, which is much, much worse than being alone.

Liberate your mind with this r/AskReddit thread that wants to know, “What is a reason you are glad to be single?”

Reddit is pretty anonymous, so people clearly felt comfortable telling the truth about why they’re enjoying having no one up in their house. Some opinions are clearly related to having been in a bad relationship in the past that they’re just glad to be away from.

But a lot of them are people who have been single more often than not, and they know how much happier and healthier they feel being able to control their own schedules, save their own money, and make their own decisions navigating through life.

If you’ve been feeling down about being single, let these Redditors remind you of what a sweet life it can be:


I can do whatever I want and not feel guilty about spending time with no one —Dawulf187falke


On a day to day basis, I struggle less with feelings of guilt. There are things one misses out on by not being in a relationship, but not beating yourself up over a snappish reply or a thoughtless gesture towards someone you care about are not among them. —Kipsydaisy


I can do whatever I want, whenever I want without checking in with anyone. Also no woman should have to be subjected to my toxic family —yeetgodmcnechass


A lot of people I know who’ve ruined their lives did so over a lover. Whether trying to get one, keep them, or fighting someone else over them, relationships can be very dangerous if you’re too emotionally immature.—BabySuperfreak


Love really messes with your brain chemistry in a powerful way. Its such a potent drug, especially when you add that to unhealthy dynamics. Makes the highs higher and the lows lower. —_Lemon_Stealer_


Christmas is coming and I have no stress and it’s not expensive —YourWifeNdKids


The only things stressing me are my own stressors. I don’t have to help support someone else through theirs.—01kaj10


I’m naturally very empathetic and a people pleaser. It’s a part of my brain that goes into hyperdrive when I’m with someone I like. It’s not even conscious most of the time, but it can be exhausting. It’s nice that my brain can turn that part off when I’m alone. Also I can wake up and go to sleep at any time I want without messing up my SO’s sleeping patterns. And middle of the bed! And not needing to check in with his plans. —Strikhedonia_


I can sleep in the middle of the bed with the fan on if I want. I can also leave something on the table and come back two weeks later and it is still there. —GoatSculpture


The freedom to wake up and go to sleep when I want to, to decorate and organize my home (that I bought and paid off on my own) as I like, to make my plans and schedule as I see fit, to watch/read/play whatever I want, to buy and wear whatever I want, to cook and eat whatever I want (and not have to share), and make long term financial and career goals without having to worry about it conflicting with someone else’s. —kokoromelody