Man Tells Pregnant Fiancee He Won’t Watch “Gooey” Birth And Asks If He’s A Jerk

Birth is hard. Hard, physically exhausting, mentally fatiguing, and I can’t fathom having a baby with a man who won’t stand in the delivery room while I do the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Like, what kind of a-hole…

Oh. This kind.

u/ClinkClackMack recently asked if he was a jerk “for telling my pregnant fiancé that I think childbirth is nasty?”

He starts with the question:

AITA for telling my pregnant fianceé that I think childbirth is nasty?​​​​​​

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And goes on to explain that when his fiancé asked if he’d look “down there,” he said no, it’s gross.

My fiancé is pregnant and we were having a discussion about what it would be like in the delivery room. So, she asks me if I plan on taking a look down there and I said “no, that’s nasty.”

The girlfriend was incredibly insulted and furious with him for such an insensitive comment. OP doubles down: it’s gross! he says.

Now she’s incredibly mad at me for saying that. She says it’s insensitive and an insult to the whole process of her bringing our child into the world. I’ve seen videos of childbirth before and it does look pretty gross.

And proceeds to continue digging himself into a hole. So … was he the jerk?

It’s bloody, slimy, gooey, stretchy, etc. That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect what women go through to carry and bring forth life. So tell me Reddit, AITA?

Redditors gloried in putting this guy in his place. One person wrote, “Here’s the correct answer: “I have no idea. You’re the one who will be doing all the work, so I plan to be focused on you and giving you all the support you need.” YTA.”

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Another wrote, “YTA- you’re being obnoxious “Should I have lied to her? It is nasty to me. I can’t think of a better way to say that” here’s an easier way- no thanks that’s okay why do you have to make her feel like shit and feel gross, SHE has to be the one who births the child and go thru the ‘NASTY’ all you’ve had to do so far is cum ……”

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“Well yeah, as a woman I agree with you, that certainly was gross. But YTA, not because you were wrong, because how you said it in front of your pregnant girlfriend (too honest) Next time word it differently,” said another person.

Another said, “YTA – yes, it is gross. But you are going to be a parent very soon, and your partner is carrying your child. You are in for a wild ride of all kinds of grossness in the upcoming years, and you need to get it together – because as soon as you are a parent, simply deciding to not deal with it, look away or ignore it will not fly.”