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Guys Share The Physical Insecurities Their Partners Have That They Find Sexy, And It’s So Wholesome

Everyone has some physical featured they’re insecure about — probably more than one, actually. And it’s very sweet when your significant other doesn’t care about that but actually loves your crooked teeth or funny mole or thicc thighs.

On Reddit, guys are talking about the things their partners are insecure about but that they find attractive or cute.

And it’s probably the most wholesome thing I’ve seen all day.

1. Big Butt

“‘Does my ass look big in this dress?’ ‘Yeah, it’s fantastic!'” — Greyzer

2. Pointy Teeth

“I had an ex who had very pointy but small canines. She wanted to get them fixed, but I thought they made her smile adorable.” — SetMyEmailThisTime

3. Freckles

“My wife HATES her freckles. I think they’re cute as hell. She wears makeup I swear in part to hide them.” — Justice_R_Dissenting

4. Brown Eyes

“Her eyes. She hates that they’re brown, but they’re so bright and sparkly. They’re like pools of honey.” — sticky_fingers18

5. Thicc Thighs

“Thicc thighs. Love that sh*t!” — Dabozs

6. Stretch Marks

“Her stretch marks. She grew too tall too fast and has them from the sides of her upper thigh and up her bum to her tailbone. Always reminds of a zebra and makes me wanna act like a lion.” — AlngCameAWizard·3h

7. Tummy Pooch

“My wife has a little pooch of a tummy. I luv it but she is so insecure about it!” — tez_zer55

8. Gray Hair

“Salt and pepper hair.” — honkingdeer

9. Crooked Smile

“Her ‘crooked’ chin. She fell when she was a kid and it left a scar on the underside of her chin that makes her smile look ever so crooked. It’s honestly my favorite thing in the world.” — DankSinatraSr

10. Nose

“My wife hates her nose. I absolutely adore it.” — thehumanscott

11. Itty Bitty Boobs

“Small breasts. I absolutely LOVE them. They are perfect.” — psuedodoc

12. Body Hair

“Being hairy (not talking about private parts) She’s a Latina and I’m a white Scandinavian guy. I think it’s wild and sexy compared to the girls around here.” — orrozzz

13. Plus Size

“She is fat and I love it. I think after being fat for her whole life she has developed a begrudging acceptance of her body rather than genuine appreciation, and tbh, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to live in a fat body and try to love yourself. I support her by telling her she’s beautiful but I don’t tell her what specifically I find beautiful if it’s a feature that’d just make her self-conscious (I’ll say I love her breasts but not that I love how big they are; I’ll say I love feeling her body close to mine but not that I enjoy how heavy she is, etc.)” — NewPelli

14. Mole

“Her lil mole on her cheek. It’s so C U T E. She hates it but it’s literally perfect.” — AnbuDaddy6969

15. Big Ears

“Her ears. I think they are adorable, she thinks they ‘stick out.'” — caduceun

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