Married People Are Sharing The Wholesome Stories Of How They Met Their Spouses (20 Tweets)

Call it one of the sweetest Twitter threads of all time because I sure am!

Twitter: @edgykristina

@edgykristina on Twitter popped on to joke that she was still single. But what began as a quip became a series of very sweet tweets about how everyone found love.

Twitter: @edgykristina

Here are some of the best ones.

1. Bro got 100

Twitter: @TheInfamousBB

2. Weapons inspector

Twitter: @RealScottRitter

3. Mosh pit

Twitter: @FarnoshMaz

4. Unwanted attention

Twitter: @Kleemomof3

5. Negative review

Twitter: @KatieTurner2

6. New release

Twitter: @SonyaOldsSom

7. Study buddy

Twitter: @AmyOxentenkoMD


Twitter: @ajcrusher

9. Follow me!

Twitter: @KevinMcCroan

10. Bowling alone

Twitter: @Jayne1115

11. Married for 12

12. Spencer’s Gifts

13. Dairy Queen

14. Goth Night

15. Dancing

16. Old Blogs

17. Freezing bluegrass show

18. Cheese Tower

19. Rehab

20. Intern