Women Reveal The Least Attractive Qualities Of A Man (18 Posts)

We stumbled on a thread that recently took off over on AskReddit in which u/Londoner421 asked:

“Women, what’s the least attractive quality in a man that they usually think is attractive?”

The answers were, as per usual, illuminating, so we gathered up some of the best for you. Enjoy!

1. Knowing

“Knowing” everything. Sure, intelligence is nice, but it’s fucking transparent when you start bullshitting just so you don’t have to admit there’s something you don’t know. Especially if I do know it.


2. One Up

The one up man. Almost always dominates the conversation and one ups everyone else’s experiences and replies. Shows me you’re immature and can’t hold a conversation without the focus being on you.


3. Infomercial

Treating dates like an informercial for themselves.


4. Putting others down

Putting other people down, to make themselves look better.

No, you are not making yourself look better. You’re being a dick.


5. TOO much

Over-confidence or the need to show off.


6. Bragging

Bragging about having money.


7. Violence

Expressing the need to be violent without any real cause or hint that they enjoy being violent. It just outright frightens me being anywhere need people that do that.


8. Aggression

Being overly aggressive with other people. Like, you are out at a club with him and he is ready to pick fights with anyone who (he thinks) looks at him or me wrong. I think it makes them feel macho but it’s a huge turn off for me. It’s happened a few times, and the last time I just turned around and took a car home.


9. Emotions

Refusal to be emotional or into things that are “feminine”.

10. Sexualizing me too early

This may not be a universal experience for women, but when I match online with guys and they immediately start giving me heaps of over the top compliments about how sexy I am, it’s a real turn off. It’s uncomfortable to have a stranger commenting about your looks and sexualising you before you’ve even met or talked, even if you do find that stranger attractive.


11. Too familiar

…being too familiar too fast are my biggest turn offs. I went on a date with a guy and he hugged me way too tightly, held my hand because he loves “soft buttery skin,” and for too long and kissed my cheek like we were lovers. 🥴🤢


12. Flashy

Flashing money/possessions. Nothing dries me up faster than a dude bragging about his watch or his car.


13. TikTok Eboys

bites lip

ruffles hair



14. Compassion

Thinking that any form of kindness, weakness or compassion is ‘gay’.


15. You don’t know me.

Being confidently wrong about “What women are like” or giving compliments like “You aren’t like other girls”. My guy, if you hate women so much, why are you trying to get me to join you? Most women past high school mentality don’t hate other women and hearing about how much you hate women doesn’t make me feel safe, let alone attracted.


16. Negging

Negging is absolute turn off.

“You are not like other girls” “Finally a real woman who behaves like woman”. Dude, no. Being mean about other women is not going to make us feel flattered, just angry that you think most women are negative thing.


17. D-ck Pics

I’ve never understood it, like has it ever worked? Has there ever been one time a girl has opened her phone to an erect penis from a rando and thought “yes please”?


18. Women’s Work

Women’s work and man’s work. I had an ex that said that and all he did was go to work and come home and sit in his recliner. On his day off he never left the recliner. So I did all the men’s work and women’s work and paid half the bills. This 1950’s stuff don’t work for me if I am paying half the bills.