Men Are Sharing Things Women Said That Stuck With Them (20 Posts)

Sometimes people say things that really resonate you. The comment will stay with you long after that person, perhaps, has exited your life and you’ll carry it with you forever. Sometimes it’s a helpful thing, but other times… Other times people can just wound you.

u/EmmanuelMoyta recently wondered on the AskMen subreddit, “Man to man, what is one sentence a woman told you that is still stuck in your head until this day?”

1. Nope.

“I appreciate you and hope I wish you the best…I still don’t want to meet up as friends.” This is what a girl said to me (24m) after dumping me and dumping her trauma on me. Even after dumping me I wanted to act like an adult because I cared for her. I offered her friendship. I listened to her problems and then was kicked to the curb, but the thing is, I’m not a doormat type guy, I’m just a kind guy.


2. Tell me

“If you don’t like what I’m doing please tell me. If you don’t tell me you’ll end up despising me”


3. Oh, I see you.

I was sitting outside of an airport waiting for my brother to pick me up. This strikingly beautiful woman ended up sitting near me while on her phone just having a casual conversation. About a minute into it, with this charming southern voice “well hell if i know where i am, im under a sign that says baggage claim, so im baggage come claim me”. Needless to say that in spite of my attempts to hide my laughter by burying my face in my book i hear her half giggling saying, “oh i see you over there laughing at me, mister”. It was just a wonderful random interaction


4. Ouch

I told my senior year prom date that I loved her at the end of the night. She said “That must be hard.”


5. Positive notes

On a more positive note, one time this girl at the pizza place id been going to, told me I had “beautiful eyebrows” and I’ll never forget that.


6. If you saw

If you saw yourself the way I see you, you’d never be insecure about anything ever again


7. Respectfully

“Respectfully, you look very handsome” Definitely wasn’t try to hit on me as they were recently married, but damn did it feel good.


8. So kind

When I held the door open to a mother and her daughter . She (the mother) asked if I was single . And I said yes . She responded with I’m to handsome to be single . Made my year .


9. Loaded!

“you’re starting to act more and more like your dad.”


10. So cruel!

“I want to find someone that has your personality…but that is more attractive.”


11. Sober

As we were breaking up she looked me in the eyes crying and smiling then said “sober looks the best on you” gave me our last kiss and then she was gone.


12. Keep you

“You do realize we want to keep you right?” My best friends Girlfriend when I was in a phase of depression and heavy drug abuse. Probably saved my life. I thought nobody cared about me and if even I myself don’t care about me, I might as well fuck up my body for some pain relief and “fun”.


13. So hard

“You are perfect, literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, I don’t understand why I can’t seem to love you.” This is how my first real relationship after a horrible divorce ended. With these words over the phone. It completely demolished my already fragile self confidence.


14. Drinking

My first wife, an alcoholic, when she decided to (drunkenly) finally tell me why she drinks during the day while I’m at work and she’s supposed to be watching the kids: “To spite you… and the kids.”


15. Mean!

1985. Senior Kindergarten. We were using little crayola scissors to make paper snowflakes. I unfolded my snowflake and it all fell apart. I couldn’t understand what I did wrong. I showed the teacher, and she said “Well, I wonder why.”


16. Truth

“I fucking adore you”


17. Hard facts

I cant love you the way you want to be loved.


18. How horrific

A woman I was seeing opened up to me and said “ My grandfather molested me from a young age and family members knew, nothing was done because he had money.”


19. Being a dad

“I always knew you would be a great father…”. My ex girlfriend of 5 years told me this after we broke up. She was my “first love” and if life didn’t rip us apart I would have died happy with her. She told me this years later after I met someone else, and had 2 daughters. Both makes me proud and sad but I think about it a lot


20. I don’t know

‘I don’t know if I want to be in this relationship anymore.’