TikToker Shares Video Of Her Ex-Mother-In-Law Pushing Way Into Wedding Ceremony

When you marry someone, you marry their family. Really think about that before saying “I do,” because how much you like someone’s parents or siblings can say a lot about them as a companion long term.

If their family is challenging, how aware are they of that themselves? TikToker @hey_heypaula didn’t realize what she was getting into, even though her (now ex) mother-in-law was already edging into her relationship at the wedding ceremony.

On her account, Paula shares a lot of stories about her ex being an abusive person and a cop, which led to a pretty toxic situation when she tried to leave. But one of her most viral TikToks is of her ex-mother-in-law breathing down her neck at her own wedding.

In the video, you can see the MIL edging in behind the bride as though she wants to take Paula’s place. She’s also wearing white, which we know is a red flag:

“I felt her the grim reaper on my back the whole ceremony,” she wrote. She says the minister asked her MIL to step back twice during the vows.


Most people watching these TikToks are on Paula’s side since no one wants someone stepping on their heels as they walk down the aisle. A few thought they “didn’t know the whole story” and the ex-MIL just appears excited.

And shred some video from the birth of her child, showing evidence that this animosity is longstanding and not just the outcome after a messy divorce:


Why’d she have to come put a dent in one of the best days of my life #motherinlawfromhell #MIL #motherinlaw #foryou #SourPatchPrankFund #fyp #fake

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She also shares stories about her ex-husband, who got her fired from her first job she took to get away from him by calling the place 20 times and showing up at work so angry the company called the police (he’s an officer himself and never got into trouble for his abuse).

In this TikTok, she says he thought his 14-year-old daughter getting pregnant would get him out of paying child support:

It seems like Paula is much happier these days, because there is a life after love and monsters-in-laws.