Men Are Sharing Their Most Shallow Dating Dealbreakers (20 Posts)

Look, we all try and come across as our best selves. But sometimes, when it comes to dating, we have certain dealbreakers we’re loathe to admit. Not stuff that is meaningful, like a person’s value system or their plans for the future—real, shallow dealbreakers. Like if they have weird knees or nails that look like claws or tattoos.

On Reddit, guys are sharing their most shallow dealbreakers, and they really are quite specific.

I suppose don’t take it that personally.

1. Nasal Voices

“Really nasal voices. I’m fine with almost everything, from Morgan Freeman to those really squeaky and childish tones, but the moment you start talking like a ‘basic bitch’ from 00’s bad teen movies, I’m out. I feel really ashamed, most people can’t help it, but I unable to take people seriously with it.” — corpse_manufacturer

2. Chewing Food

“How loud they chew food.” — chunksisthedog

3. Big Gums

“Gum to tooth ratio. If there’s too much gum I can’t do it.” — CleverFox3

4. Fake Tans

“Fake tan obsession, yes it’s shallow but it’s a look I personally do not find attractive in anyway.” — onlytosharethispic

5. Weird Knees

“Weird knees. You can be a straight dime but if your knees are weird then I’m out.” — AssCrackandCheerios

6. Long Nails

“I’m not secret about it, but those dragon talon nails. F*cking gross.” — chaos8803

7. Scraping Sounds

“If they scrape their cutlery against the plates when they eat, or if they bite the cutlery when eating (my brother bites the fork itself when eating and pulls it out of his mouth to make a scraping noise, probably the source of why I hate it so much). I can’t stand that noise one bit.” — sir-morti

8. Certain Smells

“Smell is definitely one of mine, even if it’s not bad but reminds me of something I hated or I don’t know how to explain it, like a trauma it’s a no go. Was on a date once when a girl had the same perfume as my grandmother and I remember being so disinterested. Wasn’t her fault.” — a_RedonculousName

9. Outies

“Outie belly buttons. Can’t believe nobody’s said it yet!” — NatureTazer

10. Vocal Fry

“Vocal fry.” — AmanitaMikescaria

11. Holding Utensils

“How a girl holds a fork. If she just holds it in her fist it really grinds my gears. I should get over but its tough after having been told all through my childhood to hold a fork properly.” — nmsftw

12. Singular Interests

“If your entire personality revolves around a specific thing, such as working out or coffee or tattoos, etc. I need someone a little more well rounded.” — burningmurphys

13. Bad Grammar

“Spelling and grammar. Especially if they text or email in shortcuts.” — Densityroa

14. Table Manners

“Bad table manners. It’s embarrassing to be with someone who eats like a 5 year old.” — Valzar1954

15. Tramp Stamps

“Tramp stamps. I’m an older dude and have seen how well those age.” — Tokogogoloshe

16. Sports Fanatic

“I’m married now but I wouldn’t date a woman who watched sports. I don’t hate sports but I have no interest in them. I don’t wanna talk about them and I sure as shit don’t wanna watch the big game.” — theantwisperer

17. Science Ignorant

“I once dumped a girl because she didn’t know that earthquakes are caused by shifting tectonic plates. So, basic science knowledge I guess.” — Matt_Tress

18. Ugly Footwear

“Ugly shoes.” — TeddyKisss

19. Cleanliness

“Cleanliness. Dirty people, like dirty cars or house says a lot to me. I can really like a girl and that car dirty I’m out.” — SharadHett

20. Disney Obsessed

“Obsession with Disney.” — Journalist212

Patricia Grisafi

Patricia Grisafi, PhD, is a freelance writer and educator. Her work has appeared in Salon, Vice, Bitch, Bustle, Broadly, The Establishment, and elsewhere. She is passionate about pit bull rescue, cursed objects, and designer sunglasses.