Man Called Out For Bailing On The Surprise Birthday Trip His Girlfriend Planned Because Of Her Party Game Answer

A birthday boy who bailed on the special trip his girlfriend planned to celebrate his special day got called out by Redditors for overreacting to a comment made during a party game.

Redditor u/boatlyfe12 shared that for his 26th birthday, his girlfriend, Kenzie, surprised him with a trip for a weekend getaway to a lake house.

Not only did she organize and plan the whole thing, but made a point to invite his friends and their significant others, so he would get to celebrate with a bunch of people he cared about.

“It was awesome and I was stoked for the weekend,” he wrote. “Thursday night went well. Friday we swam and hung out at the house most of the day. We started drinking and playing games at night.”

One of the games involved questions and prompts based around relationships. When Kenzie, who the original poster noted was “pretty drunk,” got a card asking, “What originally attracted you to your [significant other],” that’s when things took a turn.

“Kenzie blurted out ‘He was safe. And I knew he wouldn’t cheat or leave me,’” he recalled. “I looked at her with a face and was like ‘huh.’ She then says ‘Yeah you seemed nice enough and after my abusive ex I wanted a safer option.’”

Her answer upset the OP, who excused himself to call the mutual friend who introduced them to complain. She agreed to pick him up the next day, so rather than engage with his girlfriend when she tried to talk to him about what happened, the Redditor opted to sleep on the couch and leave before everyone else woke up.

Not only did he wait until he was gone to text his girlfriend to let her know, but he decided to ignore all the calls from her and his friends for the rest of the weekend.

“When Kenzie showed up at my place Sunday she was fuming. Saying that me leaving early ruined the whole trip. It was all anyone could talk about. And the whole vibe felt off because the birthday boy was gone. That she felt like a POS and I didn’t give her a chance to explain,” he said. “I told her that I didn’t feel like arguing so I went home to avoid the drama.”

For the most part, readers agreed that it was a childish reaction to something that the OP seemed to be misinterpreting in the first place.

After reading the comments, the redditor unfortunately still didn’t seem to understand that having someone’s first impression of you being that you’re “safe” or “nice enough” isn’t a bad thing — especially when that’s clearly morphed into something more over the course of years. But he did say that he’s finally going to talk things out with his girlfriend rather than phoning a friend or running to reddit, and “see if this is a salvageable relationship.”

All things considered, Kenzie will probably be making that assessment for herself as well.