7 Reasons To Ditch Tinder And Try This Alternative

The world is full of eligible singles, but it’s GETTING a date that’s the hard work, right?

Honestly, we’re tired of the apps in this town and in need of a shakeup, but here’s the good news — there’s a new player in the market and guess what, it works. 🍸

So here are seven reasons to ditch the app you’re currently using and join The Inner Circle

1. There’s a badly needed new app that you need in your life.

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Yes! Finally, an app that’s a little more sophisticated than most. The Inner Circle is a selective dating app that’s creating a network of young, attractive, intellectual, and inspiring individuals. Meet sexy singles in an un-creepy environment (simple, right?)

2. You’re so done with all the other options

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Is anyone else tired of flicking and swiping through the same old profiles? You’ve not matched with anyone decent and you’ve exhausted all your strengths at constructing interesting conversation based on zilch.

3. Profiles (on The Inner Circle) are screened

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This means the end of fake profiles. No more catfishing, no more ghosting, AND that’s not even the best part. The experts screen for young, intellectual, and exciting individuals so you can ensure you’ve got a high caliber of fun, young professionals on the app, because let’s face it, who wants to waste five months of texting someone only to find out they are still looking for a first job, five years after graduating. 

4. Your dates aren’t doomed from the start

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Ever arrived at a date and figured IMMEDIATELY that it wasn’t going to work? Then enduring the small talk before politely (or not) making your excuses? Get to know a little about the person before the date; their interests, where they like to hang out, what they do … bits of information that will save you the stress of a date in the long-run.

5. You want more than just a one-night thing

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It’s all about finding people on the same wavelength which is what The Inner Circle is all about …

6. It’s a brand new pool of people

This is a whole new dating pool at your fingertips and you have no excuse not to give it a go.

7. Because The Inner Circle has landed!


We know there are tonnes of dating apps out there, but if your thumb has repetitive strain injury from swiping left, then maybe it’s time to find a new approach.

To meet intelligent and attractive singles worth knowing, download The Inner Circle right now. Trust us, we did …