Woman Breaks Down Door Of Her BFF’s Tinder Date After Her Phone Pinged From A Dumpster

I’m sad to say that I think most women know the perils of dating on Tinder; you can really run into some serious creeps and in order to keep yourself safe, a lot of women give friends a basic itinerary of said date. They let their pals know where they are, when they’ll be home, their location, etc. and it gives single women some peace of mind while they date a stranger.

TikToker @halfgoth followed those rules before a Tinder date one day, telling her best friend about the evening.

But the night went a little too well, it seems, because that TikToker was so distracted she forgot to tell her best friend that she’d be spending the night with the guy … and then her phone died! Whoops.

Her best friend grew more and more concerned about the TikToker’s whereabouts and well-being—I mean, you leave your phone off on a date, I would assume you’ve been murdered too.

halfgoth / TikTok

For whatever reason, the phone pinged the poster’s last known location inside of a dumpster and the best friend absolutely panicked, rushing in to save her best friend.

Meanwhile, the TikToker was blissfully asleep after her delightful date.


Both she and the date woke up to a horrible banging noise at the door. Who was it? None other than that concerned best friend — she had kicked the date’s door in.

The comments on the TikTok are tickled by the best friend’s heroics.

“Thats a good friend, also I’m jealous I’ve always wanted to kick in a door,” one person wrote in the comment section.

halfgoth / TikTok

“Good friend, right call! you better have gotten her food!” another added.

“WHAT A FREAKING ANGEL,” said a third. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be the internet without some Hot Tips From Strangers:

“As a tinder boy who’s had this same experience. Bro please just ask for a charger. I got extra. That door is coming outta my security deposit,” one lad pointed out fairly.

Another wrote, “it’s y’all letting y’all phone go dead for me. I carry a portable charger with me everywhere,” as if the problem is the dead phone and not the culture of creepy dudes out there.


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