Guy Asks If He Was Wrong To Call His Brother A Crappy BF After He Accused Him Of Moving In On His GF

Losing a pet is one of the saddest things that can happen. So when that moment happens, you hope that your family and friends are around to help you and comfort you.

Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t happen.

On Reddit, one user was shocked when his brother decided to play basketball instead of help his girlfriend take down missing posters for her dog after it was found dead.

The OP took on the task of taking down the missing posters and later told his brother that he definitely was a crappy boyfriend because he let his grieving girlfriend struggle alone.

“This happened couple days ago with my bro and me (we’re fraternal twins). His girlfriend lost her dog 2 weeks ago. I only know because he told us about it. So last Thursday I was getting off the bus and going home after work. I saw her around the corner a couple blocks from my house and she was literally crying in front of a light pole. I asked her what was up and she said they found her dog but he wasn’t alive. So she was going around the neighborhood taking down all the lost dog flyers and it made her emotional looking at the picture of him,” the OP writes.

“She said she didn’t think she could handle more of it cause she thought she’d be taking down the flyers for a different reason. I asked her where Cody (my bro) was and he coulda come help her. She said he was playing basketball with his friends and didn’t wanna come. So I just told her to tell me the streets where she put them up and I’ll go take them down. It’s cause I got where she was coming from. My cat died two years back and it f**king sucked having to take flyers down am being reminded they’re gone.”

The OP says that Cody was mad at him for helping out his girlfriend and making him “look bad.” Then, Cody said that the OP better stay away from his girlfriend because “I’m obviously tryna make a move on her.” So the OP “snapped” and told his brother he was a bad boyfriend.

“Cody got all mad he went to his room. Now my parents are saying I was out of line and I need to apologize to him for insulting him when he’s already feeling insecure. But I haven’t cause I don’t think I should and so they’re acting like I was a total a** for saying that to him. But was I tho?”


“If the truth is insulting to him then maybe he needed to hear it. You’re a good person for helping your brother’s gf when she was devastated and emotional and your brother’s reaction shows what he values more in his relationships: Himself, his image, basketball probably, and then his gf,” said RonitSarangi.

“He’s too selfish to see that he made himself look bad all by himself. Op your parents are babying him and enabling his selfishness. You did a good thing, don’t ever apologise for that.” — BrickTopsHenchman

“NTA. Your brother seems like he’s the type that confuses being nice for romantic interest. On top of that he doesn’t like the fact that he was confronted by how inventive his actions were. If you hadn’t gotten involved he was probably just going to gas light her into not being mad with him. Now it’s very obvious how sh**ty he was and he doesn’t like that self imposed smear,” explained GatoMcwitch.

“Your brother created a bad situation out of a random act of kindness towards an acquaintance. He definitely should’ve been there for her at such a difficult time—good on you for stepping up and supporting the girl in a time of need. He accused you of trying to steal his girlfriend when you were clearly just being nice is far more out of line (or at least on the same level) as you telling him he was a shitty boyfriend for not being there for her. What kind of person accuses their twin brother of stealing their girlfriend? That’s horrible. Don’t feel bad about what you did. He said something ludicrous and hurtful and you responded in kind. Have a conversation with your parents about it and explain why you did what you did. I don’t think you acted particularly irrational or with malice. Your parents allowing someone to cower behind insecurities as a shield for consequences of terrible behavior isn’t particularly helpful in my view,” said ajd041.

“Your brother is lashing out because he is embarrassed by his own actions. And it’s easier to tell someone else he is wrong than to admit he himself messed up. He needs to go and apologize to his GF for letting her down instead of sulking in a corner. And your Parents can either decide to get involved, then they need to talk to your brother too, about how he 1. Talked to you and made false accusations and 2. Throwing a fit instead of do the grown up thing or stay out of it. Not choose the easy way by just reprimanding the calmer person in front of them and call it a day. You did something very nice for the GF. Good on you,” said Laylilay.

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