“During Sexual Harassment Training At Work” — 30 People Share The Weirdest Places They’ve Ever Been Hit On

In very rare instances, being hit on can be flattering. Maybe it even works, and you pick up what they’re laying down. Unfortunately, I’d say 99.9 percent of pick up lines are unwanted or inappropriate. This Twitter thread started by writer K. Thor Jensen really shows just how unwanted an inappropriate they can get.

He asked his followers, “Twitter what’s the weirdest place you’ve ever been hit on?”

Then he shared his own example: “An older dude once tried to pick me up after a screening of Larry Clark’s KIDS in an amazingly catastrophic failure to read the room.”

If you’ve ever seen kids, you get it. If not, don’t watch it on a first date.

Some people’s stories about weird places they’ve been hit on are legitimately creepy, some are funny, and some really are…weird. What was that person thinking? What fantasy were they living out? And have I ever hit on someone in a super weird way that I don’t even remember and they can’t stop thinking about? I didn’t see anyone I recognized in the replies, but check to see if you’ve done any of these yourself: