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30 People Share The Strangest Thing A Partner Said During Sex “That Instantly Killed The Mood”

Sex is cool, but have you ever tried shutting the hell up? Nothing spoils the mood like saying something super awkward, inappropriate, or involving details about your ex. Yet, all of us have been there according to this thread started by u/OMW2FYB1994 on r/AskReddit, in which they asked, “What is the strangest thing a partner has said or done during sex, that instantly killed the mood?”

Some people seemed to think that the stuff that got said was worth killing the mood for, because it made them laugh so hard they practically orgasmed. Others almost ended their relationships over the unsexy non-sequiturs. So if you’re looking to make your sex partner laugh or walk out the door and never return, you’ve got some good options to try below:


She was naked on the bed and spread out like a starfish and said “I’m Patrick” —abuseddust


“Are you thinking about how much I look like Michael Cera?” She did look like Michael Cera. —iancyrusyoung


“It’s really sexy how you can do all these different voices, but it also reminds me of a ride at Disneyland.” —LesserMatryoshka


Having a girl shout ‘Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter’ from Bruce Almighty was an experience… —DannyDav92


He said ‘I’m gonna c*m inside you and then we can go get plan b’. Whatever your contraception choices may be, plan b should not be included in your dirty talk. —dissolvedcrayon


Picture it : our anniversary 2015…

Him: are you ok? it looks like you’re bleeding.

Me: I’m not bleeding…

Him: oh my God! My d*ck is bleeding!!!

He tore his frenulum…poor guy. —thingsiknowaboutyou


I was the mood killer, only because she was laughing so hard.

It was both of our first times and I was very nervous (but wanting to “do the deed”), I grew up in a very weird household so it was my first time seeing a vagina before.

You guys wanna know what I said? Nervous-horny me being a dumbass?

I told her “it looks friendly”.

I haven’t lived it down. —Vulpine-Poltergeist


It was me. I was talking dirty to my wife and I called her vagina… a vagina….

Something like, “I’m going to stick it in your vagina” with the word vagina said all breathy and slow. She burst out laughing. It’s probably been 10 years and she still brings it up. —Brasketleaf


She thought it would be funny to yell “SQUIRTLE” as she came. Killed the mood because all the blood from my boner went to my face, I was laughing so hard. —CobiWann


“You look better naked than I expected. Nice.” …um…thaaank yooou? —yourmomsbuttisbest