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Woman Asks If She Was Wrong To Expose Her Cheating Husband To His Boss

As a netizen, you’ve probably seen threads, posts, and tweets with the acronym AITA. You probably also know that AITA stands for Am I the A–hole?, and is one of Reddit’s most popular forums.

It’s described as “a catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher in all of us, and a place to finally find out if you were wrong in an argument that’s been bothering you.” And every day, people do just that. They share their conundrum to get the opinions of strangers all over the world.

In a recent viral thread, one woman shared her story before asking if she was wrong to expose her cheating husband at work.

The woman, u/Throwawayexexpose, explained that her ex’s boss asked her why the relationship ended. And after sharing the details, it seems the ex-husband (and the woman he cheated with) may end up losing their jobs.

Now, the ex-wife wants to know if she’s actually the a–hole for exposing her ex’s horrible behavior. Let’s check out her story!

So me (32f) and my ex-husband (34m) Ross have been divorced for 2 years. About 5-6 years ago while we were still together a job came up in the company I worked for and I have suggested him to apply there. He got the role there, however, we were working in completely different departments.

She went on to say that she bonded with a manager, who Ross later accused her of cheating with.

There I had a very nice manager Rachel who I soon became friends with. She was supportive, would help with promotions or any courses etc. Now Ross didn’t like how close I was with Rachel and started spluttering nonsense that I must be cheating on him (both of us are bisexual). I wasn’t.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the Friends connection?

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Now, moving on. OP said Rachel was pregnant at the time, and eventually had to move.

We kept in contact which faded away in a year or two. Since Rachel left, I have worked at the company for another year before leaving for a different industry. Ross stayed in my old company and gained a few promotions, so at the time of the divorce, he was team manager.

But then, Rachel came back to the company, and wanted to hire people for her new team.

She wanted to offer me a job as one of the head analysts at her department, however I had to refuse. She was confused and started asking questions why since I was very good at my job, so I have told her that me and Ross got divorced due to him abusing me and him cheating on me with someone from the old company.

Turns out, Ross was a giant cheater and abusive to boot. Rachel wanted all the details.

Rachel was understanding and asked for the name of the person who he cheated on me with to make sure she wouldn’t end up at her department, so I gave it to her.

Later, Rachel made a discovery that left her wanting to terminate Ross and his new girlfriend.

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Last Friday Rachel contacted me again to say that Ross is in her department, but she is thinking of firing him as she found out not only his targets were below average, but the lady he cheated on me with is working in his department and he is her direct boss (it’s a big no-no in the company).

And it gets worse…

It also turned out that he was giving her pay raises where it was not needed, but some of his buddies from HR ignored that they live together as well. So Rachel has issued Ross and his mistress a disciplinary to investigate further.

Now, OP has been dodging angry calls and texts from everyone.

Since then I had to turn my phone off as him and his family would not stop calling or messaging me saying what a piece of shit I am for ratting him out. AITA?

Other Redditors were quick to chime in and share their thoughts. And needless to say, it was pretty much unanimous: OP was not the a–hole.

A few users said Ross definitely f–ked around and found out!


“NTA. He made his cheating ass bed, he has to lie in it,” one user wrote.


Another supported OP’s decision to block the folks trying to harass her.


While others hilariously carried on the Friends reference, stating that the ex-husband pulled off a “Classic Ross” move.