Guys Are Getting Honest About What Makes A Woman “Instantly Attractive” (20 Posts)

Attraction is a complicated and subjective topic, but what makes a woman instantly attractive to a man? A recent thread on Ask Reddit by u/Las_ogna wonders just what qualities men find instantly attractive in a woman. They asked:

“Boys be brutally honest, what makes a girl attractive instantly?”


The answers were varied and insightful, so we gathered up the best replies for you to review!

1. Funny

Being naturally funny to the point was can just riff and both be cracking up. Met one girl in my life that would have me constantly dying so I invited her out to the bar since all our mutual friends were going out. We spent all night just cracking jokes and trolling men who would approach her.

Man I never wanted to pop a ring on someone’s finger faster I swear


2. Passion

Being passionate about something. I love when a girl starts pouring out her thoughts on a favorite topic. Seeing the excitement behind her eyes and increase in animation is super cool!


3. Heart

Having a good heart. Building people up rather than tearing them down.


4. Listening

Whenever they listen to the conversation and contribute. There’s a thing of waiting for your turn to talk, and then there’s actually listening adding to the conversation. You should never just be waiting to talk, listening and understanding another persons point is important to me.


5. Eye contact

Pre-marital eye contact…


6. Looks

In truth a pretty face and a cute smile. After that, a confident woman is very attractive.


7. Confidence

Confidence trumps all of it for me. Some women just have a presence when they enter a room that demands attention and it’s so attractive. You pick up on it even before you really get a good look at them.


8. Funny again!

Sense of humor, clever wit


9. It varied

Some it was their looks, some their figure or whatever made me think “Egads I’ll give it a try, worst they can do is say no” But, after that initial meeting, it’s all about personality. Looks fade with age but someone who can make your day better and make you laugh is a keeper.


10. Vulnerable

Vulnerability. People are so guarded and closed off, being able to have an open genuine interaction with someone who is willing to share who they truly are is wildly attractive. That’s what made me fall for my wife so quickly, she was so vulnerable and authentic from the start I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.


11. Kindness

Being kind to me


12. Pretty smell

Smelling pretty. That will make me look around for who smells so damn nice.


13. Intellect

The way she talks, walks, and the way she thinks. Intelligence is sexy as fuck.


14. Posture

Great posture. Great posture can make up for a lot of other physical shortcomings.


15. To the point

Being direct. Taking no shit.


16. Skills!

Being fluent in C++


17. Can’t tell?

Being a tomboy to the point where I’m not sure if she’s straight or not.


18. Swearing

Swearing. Only if its really heartfelt though. I overheard a girl dropping a super annoyed “what a stuuupid motherfucker” a couple seats over in a university library once and my heart skipped a beat.


19. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm. Like please tell me excitedly about how colour theory is the reason behind marketing success, I’ll be drooling in a second.


20. And finally…

A warm smile and a little goofiness.