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Women Are Sharing The Non-Sexy Things Their Partners Do That Turn Them On (17 Stories)

Sometimes, “traditionally” sexy behavior isn’t as sexy as the things our partners do that they are completely unaware of. Over time, little things we associate with our partners can trigger sexy feelings — stuff like going about ordinary business, carrying heavy items, playing with the kids, reading, caring for animals, and getting busy in the kitchen.

On Reddit, women are sharing the sexiest things their partners do that aren’t necessarily sexy.

And it’s really wholesome and sweet to see couples in long-term relationships praising their partners’ hot stuff.

1. Lifting Heavy Things

“When he lifts heavy things and I see the muscles work in his forearms. My husband carried my suitcase in our house today after our vacation and oh my. I wanted to jump his bones there and then.” — rsvp_as_pending629

2. Staring Across The Table

“We’ve been together for over 20 years now, and he STILL looks at me like he’s crazy about me. Like, when he just looks across the table at me and smiles and says I’m beautiful…swoon.” — heidismiles

3. Being Sweet With The Kids

“As weird as it seems, whenever he’s being all cute with our daughters and caring for them. He was changing a diaper the other day and just making silly faces. The childcare + being silly and making our child smile was such a huge turn on. I pretty much jumped him during nap time.” — cuckedprincess

4. Wearing Glasses

“Wearing glasses when they read. It’s hot.” — Intelligent_Intern

5. Certain Gestures

“When he’s driving and puts his arm around the back of my seat.” — unic0rnspaghetti

6. Driving

“Driving. He doesn’t understand when I tell him he’s hot af when he’s all focused on the road and doing all these maneuvers. Damn.” — BoringOat

7. When His T-Shirt Rises Up

“When he reaches up to get something and his t-shirts rises up cause it’s gotten a bit too short (cause yknow Dad bod and a Covid) and I get a little glimpse of hairy belly. Yum.” — DrVerryBerry

8. Reading Books

“Can’t get enough of seeing him reading the books his needs for his job and research papers. Makes me wanna make some smart babies on the spot.” — BlackCityCat

9. Speaking In Another Language

“Speaking his first language. Something about it makes me feel like I’m in a foreign country lusting after a native guy there.” — GreenMountain85

10. Playing With Dogs

“He does a lot of sexy things, but watching him play with and love my dogs is so damn sexy.” — Giannandco

11. Smelling Good

“Smell good. No cologne or anything special, just naturally smell good.” — lighticemmm

12. Displaying Emotions

“When he cries or starts to tear up watching animal rescue videos on YouTube.” — Kiwipecosa

13. Taking Care Of Injuries

“My cat is pretty anxious and has accidentally scratched me quite badly a few times. My SO is so loving and gentle when he’s cleaning the cuts & putting on bandages. Another time I cut up the back of my heels wearing brand new shoes and he carried me to the car so I didn’t have to walk barefoot.” — ClaireBlacksunshine

14. Coffee In The Morning

“He brings me a fresh cup of coffee first thing every morning.” — jennypthecat

15. Cooking

“Anytime I have come home and he’s already started prepping dinner is a huge turn on. There’s something about watching him slice, dice, and oil things up that absolutely HAS me.” — rivlet

16. Playing Video Games

“Being so competitive when playing video games and getting a bit tilted is honestly so hot.” — aberrypancake

17. “Work Voice”

“So seeing my husband when he’s at work. He’s an avionics engineer and I have no idea what he’s saying but when he puts on his ‘work voice’ and is telling the guys what needs to be done…oooo boy.” — catylan

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