Employees Are Sharing The Most Insulting Holiday “Bonuses” Their Bosses Ever Gave Them (14 Posts)

While for many Christmas is the season of giving, there are those for whom it’s the season of giving, just, you know, as little as possible.

As in, “membership to the jelly of the month club instead of the bonus check you were expecting and have been getting every year since you’ve been with the company” kind of giving as little as possible.

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And, sure, sometimes companies fall on hard times, so bonuses aren’t quite what you expect, but you can’t help but want to go all Cousin Eddie and kidnap Clark’s boss when you get a bonus so lame you shouldn’t have even bothered.

These are some of those “gifts” maybe bosses should have just not even sent out.

Better to get nothing than a gift card…from yourself, I say.

Here are some of the worst holiday bonuses people have ever gotten…

1. “Our holiday “bonus”. Yes that’s a $15 off coupon for a butterball turkey.”



4. “My job told us no Christmas bonus yesterday and we got this in an email today. (I work for a billion dollar company) My CEO sent the email, he made 1.4 million in 2020 as CFO.”


5. “What we got after a year of mandatory 50 hour weeks and 0 holidays off.”


6. “Frick you kroger I just worked 4 hours straight in your shitty store and you have the audacity to not only suggest I spend the meager holiday bonus you gave me on your shitty in house jewelry store, you do so by spreading fliers all over the break room.”


7. “Thank You Bonus for all employees from the owner.”







13. Here, have a bank fee!

Last year at Christmas each employee at my husband’s firm received an envelope containing $100 cash. Presuming this was a holiday bonus, we spent it on groceries, some things for our two kids, a dinner out, etc. Like a lot of grown-ups, our paychecks are deposited electronically and we have many bills drafted out the same way, such as our utilities, car insurance, etc. A week later, on payday, we discovered in the worst possible way that the $100 was not a gift, but was simply deducted from my husband’s salary and presented as cash. Because his week’s pay was now $100 less, suddenly all the drafts of our bills began coming out of an account that was $100 smaller than it was supposed to be, until finally, a check bounced and the bank charged us $36.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received from a boss? Or if you’re a bad boss, confess in the comments section what rotten presents you’ve purchased.

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14. A banana.

Wow, I guess this old meme is true: