Literally Just 19 Funny Tweets About Spirit Halloween

Helloooooo, Spooky Season!

I’ve waited all damn summer for the world to start cooling down and the leaves to start changing and it’s HERE. I’m excited.

And so are these 19 perfectly hysterical tweets about Spirit Halloween, which pops up in empty storefronts around the nation around this time. Get ready!

1. Changing

Twitter: @TigNotaro

2. Waiting

Twitter: @ghoulishbat_

3. Feel

Twitter: @iambrattyb

4. Time to decorate

Twitter: @demonxbae

5. They coming

Twitter: @OfficeMemes_


7. Lurking

Twitter: @BookishPlinko

8. That’s how they start

Twitter: @KenJennings

9. I’m Here now

Twitter: @sarahschauer

10. No one even goes to department stores though

11. Done

12. Happiness

13. Why dip, y’all

14. RIP, me

15. Gay joy

16. Ghosts of stores past

17. Fast fashion

18. Venn Diagram

19. Get in