21 Tattoos That Don’t Really Get More Personalized Than This

Anyone who has even considered getting a tattoo knows that there can be a lot of stress involved in the decision. After all, you’re going to have it for the rest of your life! While some tattoos might be trendy, you probably don’t want them to look like everyone else. 

The coolest tattoos are ones no one else has because they’re special to you. Make sure yours are unique by getting a funny medical tattoo, base it off your deepest insecurities, or just make sure it’s so weird, no one else would want it. 

1. “Well placed.”

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2. My tattoo guy said, “that’s not a tattoo you copy, it’s a tattoo you earn.”

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3. “I was told this would fit well here. Behold my webbed (fused?) toe tattoo!”

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4. “Clever tattoo done by one of my Facebook friends.”

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6. This is way cheaper than plugs.

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7.”A half-black, half-white teenager’s parents finally allowed him to get a tattoo. This is what he picked.”

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8. “Swedish rapper Bud Stankz, tattooed “Diabetes” on his forehead to raise awareness.”

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9. “So my older brother just got out of prison, his cellmate said he could tattoo spiderman no problem”

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10. “I love tattoos with commentary”

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11. “My tattoo. (Born deaf in right ear)”

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13. “Guy from high school got the same tattoo as his dog”

14. I promise, no one will copy this one. 

15. “This guy got a sunglasses tattoo on his face”

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16. “My new interactive fart tattoo”

17. Don’t you dare change the day. 

 18. Sick of all the questions. 

19. Great amputee humor. 

20. “Now my birthmark is an actual wine stain”

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21. “My old Navy buddy is having his leg amputated next month. This is his new tattoo.”

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