People Are Sharing The Kinds Of Tattoos That Raise “Major Red Flags” (20 Posts)

A tattoo can be a form of self-expression, but certain tattoos can indicate potential risks or negative traits. Some common tattoos that may be considered red flags include racist or hate symbols, gang affiliations, or excessive and/or explicit tattoos on visible areas.

Redditor u/MR_COOL_ICE_‘s question over on AskReddit, “What sort of tattoo on someone is a major red flag for you?” hits all these points and more. Let’s take a gander!

1. Logos

I used to work at an all purpose gas station in Pittsburgh, and was constantly told about a customer who had our store logo tattooed on his arm.

Didn’t make me proud, made me feel like I was joining a very corporate cult.


2. Oh NO

A big ol penis sleeve tattoo.


3. Literally

A China or Turkey flag covering a considerate amount of skin would be a big red flag


4. Theater nerds

Comedy and tragedy masks. First three people I hooked up with had them in places you couldn’t see with clothes on.

Apparently I have a type.

If I unwrap another human and find one, I may faint.


5. Simple

A swastika, kkk or “Only God can judge me”.


6. Okay, this is funny

Was with a girl once, years ago. She had a tattoo of a camel on her toe.


7. Agreed.

Childhood characters doing something unsavory. Like Winnie the Pooh in a dominatrix outfit. Decapitated Pikachu. Something like that.


8. Names

my coworker married another coworker.. Prior to that wedding.. he asked her to prove to her how much she loved him. So she got a tattoo on her neck with his last name on it.–BIG artistic letters.

Now.. mind you.. this man is a douchebag and a half. and they have “issues” in their marriage.. that tattoo just proves how much self love she had for HERSELF.. which is absolutely 0.

Now before any of you comment let me tell you what she is like. She’s very introverted and never speaks up. this guy controls what she eats, what she wears, and he has no shame in telling us to shut the eff up, if we stick up for her… and HR doesn’t do anything about it.

This girl still sticks with him. When we ask her why.. she gets quiet and says.. she doesn’t have a car and begs us not to get involved.

SO seeing their partner’s name on a very clearly visible area while the partner does not have any tatz is a major red flag.


9. Rudeness

Being a tattooist for 11/12 years. Really in my eyes it’s usually people with not well done house tattoos who throw up the most red flags.

Thinking they are owed something and plain rude especially when someone is about to stab you lol

In no way am I trying to say house tattoos are bad what I’m saying is the sense of self entitlement and the need to have it done then and there breeds a different type of client that is usually rude or is an asshole in my experience. I wanted to come back here and edit this and say that because I’ve gotten a couple comments that I feel like it may seem like I’m attacking people but I’m not meaning to. When I posted it I posted it super early and it’s just more of the mental side of it how people treat us and how they think they can talk to us lesser than them


10. Run

Tear drop under the eye

A teardrop under the eye, if just an outline, Usually means the wearer has suffered pain, or more likely caused pain, or served significant time, for their associates (gang). Perhaps 15 years. A filled- in solid teardrop Usually means the wearer has caused death for their associates (gang).


11. Australia-specific

I think this might just be an Australian thing but having the southern cross tattoo anywhere is a red flag. Don’t know why it’s specifically the southern cross but holy shit every person I’ve ever met with that specific tattoo has been a walking red flag


12. Cults

A cult tattoo. Big NO


13. None!

“No ragrets”


14. AHK WHAT???

eyeball. As in having your eyeball colored permanently. No, just no. Use cool contacts. Dont take the chance of blinding yourself


15. Just gross

Cheetah print 🚩🚩


16. You don’t know what it says

Something in a language they don’t speak


17. Brands

Brand logos of any kind. If you like any corporation enough to get their logo tattooed on you, I’m guessing we have some major ideological differences.


18. Substances

Alcohol or weed tattoos .


19. Alarm bells go off

The confederate flag is a big one


20. Just no

‘Live, Laugh, Love’ or the heartbeat going into a heart and a cross🤮