TikTokers Are Warning People About ‘Temporary Tattoos’ That Last For Over A Year

A temporary tattoo is meant to fade — the ones you probably remember from when you were a kid would fade almost instantly — but not so with several “temporary” tats that have managed to stay clear for over a year!

TikTokers have created viral videos sharing their very-not-temporary tattoos. One posted on January 11th shows Celle (@celle_tattoo) revealing a tattoo behind her ear that has remained clear as day.

@celle_tatoo / TikTok

And she’s not happy.

“It’s been 14 months,” Celle wrote in the video overlay. “I hate this thing.”

Her video quickly went viral.

It is a stitch of a video from Bunny (@bugpin.bunny), who is also a tattoo artist. Bunny warns people against temporary markings “applied by actual tattoo artists with machines that only last about a year, year and a half. Bunny says they are a “tattoo scam.”

“Please do not go there, and make an appointment, and get the [purported temporary] tattoo,” Bunny warns viewers in the video. “The tattoos are not temporary. They’re not fully fading.” 

@celle_tatoo / TikTok

She didn’t say which brand of tattoo she’s complaining about, but she did note that one of the temporary tattoo companies “is being sued currently”.

Ephemeral, which is not being sued as of right now, is a company that makes “real tattoos, made to fade” and is facing a growing number of complaints from customers.

Both the San Francisco Chronicle and Fast Company  reported back in November that Emphereal tattoos were “still strongly visible at or beyond the 15-month mark.” Fast Company said that the company notes on its consent forms that  “the tattoo may last shorter or longer than its touted 9-to-15-month range.”

@celle_tatoo / TikTok

People watching Celle’s video also noted that they got temporary tattoos up to 20 months ago and it was “clear as day.”

“Looks like I just got it,” @hayl.madison said in the comments.