“I Can’t Even Stop”—Woman Shares Story Of Awkward Public Bathroom Emergency

Brace yourself for cringe!

Nicole McCourt is a young woman from the UK and she recently shared a story with a friend of hers that became an actual nightmare scenario.

She texted the story to a friend and then shared that conversation via Facebook where it quickly went viral. Hoo boy, you’re in for a doozy.

McCourt went to the health food store on an errand for her mom to pick up some ginger, but she is taken in by a drink that says ’12 calories’. Perfect, she thinks! And she buys it. She also picked up an oat bar; the cashier expressed reservations and Nicole bought it anyway.

Nicole McCourt

Seems normal so far, right? No cause for concern? Just you wait.

Nicole McCourt

Off she goes, snacking on her snacks and zipping to a dollar store called Poundland. She’s perusing the makeup and whatnot. And then. Her stomach CRAMPS.

Nicole McCourt

Here’s where we start to say “poor Nicole”… She starts to feel… uh, not good. As she was looking over some perfumes, she had a horrible cramp attack and “tense[d] her bum cheeks”. Oh no.

Nicole McCourt

She ran to the toilets as “all hell broke loose” from her bum and realized…

Nicole McCourt

That 12 calorie drink?

It was a laxative.

And the oat bar? Was full of fiber.

So she is just having an absolutely never-ending …um. EXPRESSION OF THE BOWEL… And THEN?

Nicole McCourt

People start knocking at the bathroom door.

Poor Nicole.

Take heed, everyone: do not buy that 12 calorie drink, for it is a laxative. Hopefully she’s feeling better now and can laugh with the rest of us. Or cry? Cry laugh? Just check the label of your “miracle foods and drinks” and make sure they aren’t something that are, in fact, a curse.