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Boss Begs Worker To Stay While Insulting Her, Calling Her A Liar In Text Exchange

A company owner’s pathetic and rude attempts to keep a worker who had put in her two weeks notice because she had found a better job near her friends and family is now yet another gem on the Reddit forum “Antiwork” after the worker posted the sad text exchange between them. The owner of the company that the Reddit user was worker for apparently obtained her phone number without her knowledge and unexpectedly contacted her about her plans to move, which was not a great way to start the interaction.

But it only got worse after he offered her a pitiful raise to stay somewhere she didn’t want to be.

“I’m afraid there isn’t much you could offer to keep me here,” the worker said after the owner asked. “I am moving back down south where I have my friends, family, and a better opportunity waiting for me there. I enjoyed working here, but I can’t justify staying with all these variables.”

Despite the straightforward, clear, and reasonable response, the company owner decided that the next move in the negotiation process should be to insult the worker like some sort of arrogant capitalist negging attempt.


“I doubt that given your experience you’ll be able to find anyone better than us,” the owner said. “I would be willing to offer a $1 raise to your wage currently and throw in a $300 bonus.”

Unfortunately for this individual, accurately dubbed “dips–t” by the Reddit user, this offer was downright laughable compared to what she’d been promised at her new job.


“With all due respect [dips–t], I have found an opportunity that pays double even your highest offer to me, better hours, PTO, and other benefits that match or outdo your company,” the worker replied. “Not to mention to $1000 signing bonus they are willing to give and free parking! So, if you want me to stay, I expect triple the wage you just offered me, all the benefits I just listed, and a $1500 signing bonus. You would also have to pay to have my family and friends relocated. Let me know what you think.”


Some people would have taken this for the clear dismissal it was and slunk away with their tail in between their legs and a little dignity left intact, but somehow people continue to be like this no matter how many times they’re dragged on Reddit. Not only does the company owner insult the worker yet again, they accuse her of lying about the new job.

“I think you are out of your mind and take me for a fool,” the owner wrote back. “I was told it was just a supervisor position you were in the running for. No one would offer that in this market, especially in the south. I don’t appreciate being lied to.”

The worker then responded by posting a screenshot of an email from her new employer showing a nearly $60,000 salary and listing all the benefits she had described. She then told the company owner how she really felt.

“I don’t appreciate these attacks on my character, [Dips–t]. If you can’t be professional during negotiations, then don’t start negotiations at all. You came to me because you need me. I do not need you or the insults and self righteous attitude. Because I respect [Boss] I will finish out the rest of my two weeks, but I recommend you keep to your side of the business and stay in your lane.”

Somehow, even through all that, this company owner keeps trying to negotiate as though they hadn’t just lost any and all hope of keeping the worker, still while insulting her.

“How about $20/hour and we up it to $500 for the bonus? You won’t make many new friends at your new job with that attitude, I promise you that.”

The Reddit user doesn’t show the conversation beyond that, if she even bothered responding. Antiwork Redditors widely laughed at this sad attempt to negotiate from a company owner who clearly thinks they are far more important than they really are.