Women Share The Creepy PMs They Get In An Online Group (20 Pics)

People (though very especially ladies) of the world have definitely seen their fair share of creepy PMs; there is, in fact, an entire subreddit about it. Here are some of the top shares from r/CreepyPMs.

1. My fave comeback to a dick pic


2. big brain weeaboo mad online that i won’t (and quite literally can’t) draw him some gross mha whacking material. 1st time on reddit


3. Went on a first date, kissed him goodnight. There will not be a second date.


4. UPDATE: Ex kept pushing for sex in return for paintings I wanted back, sent text screenshots to his dad and brother. Got my paintings back in the end


5. So by giving your number out you’re supposed to text first..?


6. With my cousins permission. She’s 13.


7. The perfect way to handle creepy pm’s


8. mans was really panicking


9. This may not belong here, but I just wanted my food


10. I think I hurt his feelings


11. Check mate

12. I know I think I went a bit far but I think they got the message

13. Meta cringe

14. Apparently I’m too logical rational and logical to be a girl…..and you haven’t talked to “girls” for 14 years? Where have you been? My guess is prison.

15. Random dude asks my gf for nudes and then this is his response when she declines

16. I’m literally only 15 . I gag every time I read this

17. That’ll do it.

18. Absolutely love getting fan mail 😍

19. It’s the tongue emoji for me 👀

20. Tired of this shit