Family Buries Their Dead Cat Only It’s Not Theirs—Or A Cat

Anyone who has been part of a family text chain knows things can get out of control. That’s what happened to Eric Schmidt when his dad texted him and his sister about a dead cat.

In the text, their dad asks the siblings to support their mother during a difficult time. Apparently, their cat disappeared the previous week and when their mother was driving in the neighborhood, she found the cat’s dead body. Obviously, she was very broken up about the tragedy.

Except, the cat was alive the entire time and the “dead” cat ended up being someone else’s.

Yep. After an entire burial service, the real cat was fine and staring right back at its parents, probably mocking them.

That’s not the end of the story, though. Schmidt received a text from his mom and the “neighbors’ cat?” It was a rabbit.

Guess what he did? Told the world, and received 781.8k likes out of it.

And the world was grateful to go on the same emotional rollercoaster as Schmidt.

The world needed this.

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