15 Utterly Ridiculous Text Messages That Could Only Have Been Sent By A Hungover Person

Anyone who enjoys their share of liquid poison knows it isn’t without its consequences. Hangovers are the cruel punishment for having one too many beverages and the effects only get worse with age.

At the very least, we can endure the misery alongside our other hungover friends the next morning no matter how mushy our brains might feel. Just take it from these people who are truly and hilariously suffering the downsides of that last shot of tequila.

1. It’s a love-hate relationship.

2. You won’t feel normal for a while.

3. Someone needs to bring food.

4. The next morning is always a crime scene.

5. Communication is very difficult in those first few hours.

6. Feelings of drunkenness often return.

7. Everyone is having more fun than you.

8. Death feels imminent.

9. Going to the bathroom is an uncomfortable experience.

10. You’ll do just about anything for delivery food.

11. Everything makes you angry.

12. And people relish in your pain.

13. So many questions need answers.

14. You always say you’re going to lay off.

15. But it all works out in the end.



h/t BuzzFeed