You Love To See A Scammer Get What They Deserve (25 Pics)

There are very few things quite as persistently annoying as spam and scam texts. Like, we all know what you’re doing. The only people you’re going to be effectively able to target at this point are The Olds or the very, very Dumbs.

And that’s no way to conduct business.

So if they get a little f*d with? Oh, it’s so satisfying.

1. Puppies!

Twitter: @bradchriswick

2. Pizza time.

3. Nice try

4. 18th Century Payment

5. He waited

6. The URL…

7. Really though

8. It’s a group chat

9. Where?

10. Limited

11. Honesty

12. Off script

13. He has good taste

14. Invest?

15. Robots

Bot from Scams

16. Ryann who talked at Ryann’s party

17. Can’t get the blood out


19. Plot twist

20. Naked humanity

21. Sold Out

22. Apple pay

23. GFY

24. Nigeria

25. Sure. SURE.