Woman Shares Texts From 12-Year-Old Brother Who Accidentally Ate Weed Edibles

Lock. Up. Your. Edibles. 

As marijuana and marijuana-infused products people more widely legal and more widely available this should be the mantra we repeat to ourselves three times every morning.

Not everyone can handle the ganja and if you don’t lock up your bud someone might even scarf it accidentally, which is exactly what happened to one young woman’s 12-year-old brother. 

@Rachetmulan shared the story on Twitter.

By way of explanation, she shared the panicked texts her brother exchanged with her throughout the incident.


Like a good older sister she both chastised her little bro and reassured him that he wasn’t going to die despite eating three of her edibles and ingesting lord knows how much weed.


Online onlookers were quick to chime in with comments both helpful and not.











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