Barber Ends All Of His Haircuts By Giving Clients A Gentle Kiss On The Forehead

Bryan Senatore is a New Jersey-based barber, and owner of Loyalty Barber Co. in Ridgewood who’s gone viral for his way of showing affection for his clients.

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A kiss on the forehead is the last thing most clients would expect from a face-tatted New Jersey barber, but it’s a hit with his clients, and people online love it.

TikTok | @bigyamshair

Barber shops are often popular places for social interaction, where guys hang out and talk, and some locations even serve alcohol, but Bryan’s hospitality is a hit with clients.

TikTok | @bigyamshair

Often unsure about what’s happening, the laughter and smiles afterward say it all:

TikTok | @bigyamshair
TikTok | @bigyamshair

So far, Bryan has been met with positive reactions.

TikTok | @bigyamshair
TikTok | @bigyamshair

TikTok viewers also got a kick out of it:

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