College Dropout Buys A Carwash—Now She Makes Six Figures A Year

A carwash is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think of financial success, but Hannah Ingram is showing people otherwise.

The 22-year-old is currently going viral for what happened after she bought a car wash.


Yep, she bought a whole-ass carwash.

Through her TikTok account, Ingram is showing people what passive income is and how to utilize it to build wealth through real estate.

She is upfront about being a college dropout, showing people that college is not the only route toward financial independence.

One way she makes passive income is through the carwash she recently purchased.

The business is low-maintenance, allowing Ingram to still have a full-time job while also earning money from the carwash.

The extra income has lent itself to some pretty lavish purchases for a 22-year-old.

In one video, Ingram showed TikTokers how much she typically makes in a week.

Since the carwash is self-serve, Ingram’s operating costs are low, meaning she pockets more money. By installing vending machines on-premise, that’s extra cash.

When everything is added up, she typically walks away with $2,000 a week.

In another video, Ingram shows everyone what a day in the life of a carwash owner is like. And it doesn’t seem like it is all that time-consuming.

It involves filling change dispensers so customers are able to access the wash.

Then, the vending machines are restocked.

Followed by collecting money.

The money is then cleaned and dried so it can be taken to the bank and be deposited.

Followed by a necessary evil all customer-facing businesses have to deal with: taking out the trash.

As she mentioned, the maintenance is only a few hours a week.