Woman Sings Her Cheating Ex’s Lame Apology Text And Goes Viral

A few days ago, @jaxwritessongs over on TikTok posted a video “adding sad violins to [her] ex’s apology text” in a collaboration with Lindsey Stirling, who played those aforementioned sad violins.

The TikTok video quickly went viral and now sits at nearly 600,000 likes and thousands of reshares on both the original platform and on Twitter.

@jax / Twitter

And while I normally shy WAY away from public-shaming kinds of things, it sure does seem like this dude could use a healthy dose of reality being slammed into his face.

Jax starts by holding up the phone showing us the message from her ex. The caption reads, “Adding sad violins to my ex’s bullsh*t apology text.”

@jax / Twitter

As Stirling plays soft, sad violin music, Jax reads the message.

“Hey. I know you’re probably never gonna forgive me for what happened but I wanted a chance to explain.”

@jax / Twitter

Stirling plays on and Jax reveals the real reason for the apology:

The ex knew “it wasn’t right that I ‘technically’ hooked up with your roommate”. YIKES. Wait, it gets worse. He should be forgiven because… drumroll… he’s “going through a lot”.

@jax / Twitter

You might be thinking: Kate, stop, this cannot get wors—


“I’ve been failing most of my classes and you KNOW I just got fired!”

Does he redeem himself at all? Hell no, dear reader, he does not. He begs Jax to show him sympathy and “stop making me feel like a villain” then starts to blame Jax because she was busy at work and he felt “really alone”.

“I was just really missing you and it was a one-time mistake,” she reads aloud, taking this wild freaking ride toward its conclusion.

@jax / Twitter

Jax and Stirling both sang the last lines together: “I love you so much more than Emily. What am I supposed to tell my family?”

@jax / Twitter

Stirling resumed the violin in increasingly dramatic tones. Jax read, “sorry, okay?!” and then, the *chef kiss* on the whole stupid thing: “Also, did you change the Netflix password?”

@jax / Twitter

What a ride.